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Sarah, an Ascended Master
for the Age of Aquarius

Welcome to!

Holy Family

Here you can find out more about Sarah’s message of teaching us how to be more of ourSelves – who we truly are!

Sarah is the daughter of the Magdalene and the Master Jesus, and is an Ascended Master guide for the Age of Aquarius.

I have channelled Sarah since 2006 and would like to share with you the amazing gifts from working with her that I have discovered!…Read more about Rachel

I have committed to working with Sarah to help spread her Love and her Light across the world, as all of us work together creating the Age of Aquarius one step at a time.

More and more people are awakening to Sarah & her energies, and are opening to her healing gifts and wisdom for our ascension & the New Earth; I can help facilitate this process and show you how…
Read more about 1:1 sessions with Rachel & Sarah

I hope you enjoy the site and the resources here.

Loving blessings,
Rachel Goodwin.

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