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How I came to be chant lover!!

Posted on: March 19th, 2012 by Rachel Goodwin


I loved singing when I was a child. I used to always put myself up for singing parts at school, but I never got picked!

When I was a teenager, I dreamed of being in a band (well, didn’t we all!!) and singing, singing, singing all day long!!
But oh dear, no-one ever told me I had a nice voice, I really wanted to sing, & I enjoyed it SO much!
So I guessed that my deepest fear must be true, I couldn’t sing!
There went my singing ambitions. I felt silly for ever thinking I could sing.

Once a year at Christmas I would try and get to a carole service, and would love, love, love singing all those wonderful tunes that made my heart sing and brought me so much joy.
If I didn’t have time, I would really miss going.

So the years went by.
I had my son, and was a stay at home mother. I got used to being at home, and found that I was getting more and more introverted, even finding it hard to go out and speak to people, so I looked around for something that I could do that would push my boundaries and take me out of my comfort zone a little.
I joined a singing class!!
We practiced scales, and learnt how to breathe (I never got the hang of that one) and even did concerts.
There were people there whose voices were just beautiful!
I found it really hard to stand up and sing in front of other people, to ‘let my voice out’.
I still didn’t feel like I could sing.

I stopped going after a while; it had served it’s purpose and I’d gotten a bit braver about life!
I forgot all about the singing again.

I got into all my spiritual stuff. I used to go to priestess (of the goddess) meetings where we used to take turns at holding the meeting.
One night it was about chanting.
I wasn’t going to go, as usual I was too tired after taking care of my little boy all day; going out late in the evening was too much for me (going to bed early was more my thing!!)
Then I received a phone call with a message from a clairvoyant that I knew!
He had suggested that I go to the meeting, that there would be something there for me.
I was excited & intrigued, so off I went!

I can’t remember much now of the meeting, but I know that it was great, and I loved it!
I know I’ve been chanting ever since!
I know that I stopped worrying about how I sounded, and whether or not I could ‘sing’.
Who cared?!! The energy that these chants brought through were amazing!!!

At some point I discovered that other people could feel the energies that these chants brought through when I sang them as well.
By this time, I had learnt how to channel energy, then how to channel messages from ascended masters/ angels and so on.
The chanting seemed to be another way to channel divine energy.
I got such a good response from people when I did it, that it encouraged me to carry on sharing the chants that I learnt.

I would work with the same chant for months at a time.
One chant, (the great short compassionate heart dharini) I worked with every day for over a year. Initially, listening to it over and over and over again (like a woman possessed!) until the sounds started to make sense, and I started to learn the words!
I found that once I had learnt a chant by heart, and could sing it confidently, without thought (ie, it had entered into my unconscious, and become an unconscious thing that I didn’t have to think about, like driving a car, or riding a bike!), then I felt like the chant had ‘entered into me’.
It felt like the chant was part of me, that the energy was inside me, part of my being.

As I learnt the chants in this way, singing them over and over and over again, they would start to reveal themselves to me, telling me things about themselves, giving me little insights.
Then I would research the chants online, and find that the meanings that had revealed themselves spontaneously to me in this way, were echoed in the information I would find on the websites.

I’ve only worked with a handful of chants in this way (well, maybe I’m onto the second handful now), and it is only these chants that I sing to other people. I only sing the chants that have ‘become part of me’. That I’m ‘at-one’ with.

Working with these chants in this way fundamentally changes me from within. They clear energy in me, and reshape my energy field, until I’m aligned with them. I only work with one chant at time in this way, but then find that sometimes later they return to me, and I work with them into an even deeper level.

Goddess Tara

From singing these chants, I also noticed over time, that when I sang the chants that I’m very in tune with, that I would feel a great deal of energy coming out of my hands. I’d seen the pictures of the buddhas and boddisatvas with their palms turned up, in postures of blessings and it gave me the idea that these chants were producing divine energies, that they opened up a doorway to these divine energies, and they were pouring through via the vehicle of the divine mantra.


I had a strong wish to be able to gift this to others, but wasn’t sure how.
Yet, it seemed such an important thing for me to do.
I could feel it very strongly inside.
So I kept on doing my chanting, and whenever I did workshops or services, or healing sessions, I would often use the chanting.
Sometimes I would be inspired to plan to do it. Sometimes it would happen spontaneously, and I would just ‘have to’ chant.
(Often it happens like that for me! I just get an overwhelming urge to chant, and I can’t concentrate on anything else until I’ve done it!
This happens to me too, when I visit sacred/ ‘power’ places, and often around earth vortexes, I just get this overwhelming need to chant, so that’s what I have to do!!)

I’ve also been given an insight that these handful of chants, are ones that I’ve already worked with over & over (& over & over!) in past lives, where I really did sit and chant them for years and years many many times so that they already have a firm hold in my soul energy.

Then last year I started to use the chants in my online courses, and that’s when chanting for other people really went up to whole new level!

One of my suggested practices on the online courses that I’ve run, is to sit in front of Sarah’s symbol (which wraps you in her energy/ I call it ‘going into the embrace of Sarah’), and to do daily a chanting practice.
Each week on the course, I would do a Sarah blessing for the group, which sometimes would be energy channeled out through me, and sometimes I would be inspired to chant that energy out for people.
Also on the courses I would also take on the daily chanting practices as well, and from chanting day after day, month after month and doing it whilst consciously working on certain issues, I started to realise the incredible power that these chants hold for making the positive changes in our lives that we want to make.

I started to realise more and more consciously what a blessing the chanting is.
Seeing the difference it made to the people on the courses and getting amazing feedback, I really started to get it!

And that in the same way that I can chant for myself, and powerfully move through my blocks, that I can also chant for other people, and help them move through their blocks.

So this last 2 months, I’ve been developing a service chanting for others, and have been overwhelmed by the amount of people that want me to chant for them!

Now, I’m spending a great deal of my time & energy chanting for others!

Recently I realised that this was a dream I had had for myself!

Around 4 years ago I had a turning point in my life.
I couldn’t continue with life the way it was. Everything had changed. I couldn’t stay in my old life, it simply wasn’t there for me anymore, the energy had completely gone dead overnight. It was really awful, I would never have chosen it be like that, but that’s what happened, and I just had to get on and deal with it!
I had to try and create a new life for myself out of, what felt like was nothing. (it really felt as if overnight, the energy matrix of my whole life had been wiped out in one fell swoop, and I woke up to find it all gone. What a surprise that was!!)

And in this attempt to create something out of nothing, I had one wish and I went around saying to people ‘if I was more traditional, I would go and be a buddhist nun now, because what I really want to do, is chant and pray for people’!
But I couldn’t take that path, as the path that has revealed itself to me, was one of divine beings that show themselves to me – I don’t get to choose!
I didn’t ‘choose’ to work with Sarah. She was simply there!

So I didn’t feel I could take ‘a path’, such as Christianity or Buddhism, because I have divine beings from many of the world religions communicate with me, and I don’t know how to fit them into a traditional spiritual life (or whether they would be accepted!)

And I remembered this the other day, that I’d said this thing about wanting to be a nun (!) and suddenly realised that I have managed to create a spiritual life in the everyday world, where I do get to pray and chant for people a great deal.
I also have to do the shopping & cleaning, and deal with all of the stuff that we all have to, living here in our 21st century lives, but blessing, chanting, praying, meditating, channeling, doing healing work and also working with my own spiritual & personal development are the mainstays of my life now.
Sounds like what I wanted to do I guess!

And these days, when I do my chants for others, people often come up to me and tell me how much they loved my voice!
Because now I’m doing my thing, and doing the thing that I love.
When I stand up to chant, I have the intent & hope to share the divine energies inherent within that mantra.
This is my truest hearts desire. The voice just comes along with it!
Blessed Be!

Rachel holds regular blessing services and workshops, on-line and in real life person. She will almost inevitably chant at any public occasion she is invited to (and some she isn’t!) She also provides a chanting service. You can find out more & read about Rachel’s work with the ascended master Sarah at

If you’d like to read more about sacred chants for healing, a great book is by Thomas Ashley-Farrand called Healing Mantras.


1:1 sessions and a new energy body for the Age of Aquarius!

Posted on: March 1st, 2012 by Rachel Goodwin

New Energy
Working with Sarah in the one to one sessions, I never know what will happen from each session to the next! It feels to me, that the work is always changing and growing and ‘going up a level’.
I’ve ‘seen’ that Sarah holds the template to our new energy body that exists for the Age of Aquarius. I’ve also been told that it was Christ that originally anchored this energy body onto the earth. At the moment of his death, it passed over to Sarah.
This template is like an upgraded version of the energy body that we live in at the moment. It’s more difficult to manage (just like driving a super fast sports car), and it’s more sensitive, and it has to have the right conditions in order to ‘come in’. Bringing this ‘Age of Aquarius energy body’ in, means that we have to be living in our truth and integrity. Any distortions (from not living in our truth), will block the energy body being able to be anchored on the earth plane. It’s a challenge!
I’ve realised bit by bit, that all the work I’m doing with Sarah, is about bringing this energy body in. In the one to one telephone sessions I do, often I’m working with people’s issues and difficulties, such as we all have. I pick these up in the energy body, and help each person work with them, by bringing through the guidance & healing that comes from Sarah. She also creates the space which allows the work to take place. Just inviting her presence in means that incredible shifts can take place. Also she can be called on (if you’re ready!), to dissolve blocks/ beliefs etc in an instant; often those that have haunted you for what seems like a lifetime (and sometimes beyond!). She’s really challenging us (& me!) to believe in the power of miracles!

Each shift that happens in the one to one sessions, takes someone further in their personal and spiritual growth. It’s an honour for me to behold, as I can ‘see’ the incredible wisdom & beauty, and the ancient depth of experience that lies within the soul of each person that I work with. It’s very heartening & humbling for me to have this experience, to experience others in the centre of their being, and to see their divinity.

But going back to the sessions, often it is the stumbling blocks, that draw people to have a session with Sarah and myself. And it’s been my experience, that through going into these difficulties, and being with them, in all senses of the words, allows these most incredible shifts to take place. Through these shifts, people not only unblock their energy and chakra systems, and gain access to spiritual qualities within them, (such as joy, peace, playfulness, strength, love and so on), but they also shift their energy matrix profoundly in each session, and moving each time closer to the moment where the shift will take place where this new energy body comes into manifestation.

I also offer sessions to directly bring in this energy body. I discovered the way to do this through working with people in healing sessions, and through information I was being given through channeling. By going up into ‘highness’, I’m able to access the place where the template is held. The Elohim (huge angelic beings), bring the template down through the dimensions until they hover with it, just outside of that persons energy field. The presence of this new, incredibly high energy template, triggers ‘all that is not in accordance with the Divine Will’ within that person. My job is then to work systematically through that person’s energy body, clearing, transforming, and re-weaving the energy body, until it has taken on a new way of flow that will allow the new template to be anchored. Sarah anchors it in through the earth star, anchoring it firmly in place.
After the session then, the process will continue (in the weeks, months and years ahead), as the template moves down through each of the different energy bodies, finally coming down to the physical. The person has to integrate each part of the process, doing the work necessary in the mental, emotional, etheric and physical realms, as the template moves down through each one, bringing about changes. Sometimes, after a year or two of working with the changes, one more session is needed to help that person fully ground the template. It’s a powerful process indeed!! We are the pioneers and the forerunners for holding these templates (I see the hardware that holds this template in place which is a grid) and it is amazing work!!
Each person’s process will be different, as the template will manifest perfectly in the right time, and right pace for that person to work with it, without becoming overwhelmed. However, generally the growth will be always on the edge of the limit for that person, just right at the outer edges of what they can handle – this is because people choosing this process have chosen to be on an accelerated path, being ‘wayshowers’ for others, and have generally not opted for an easy, laidback approach!
Because this can be a difficult and challenging path, often with emotional and mental stress, I help people ‘tune in’ to see if it is their ‘truest hearts desire’ to bring in their template at this time, and recommend that someone feels ready and able to deal with the challenges that (may) come up.
Of course, I can’t say that this is how it is for everybody, as we are all on very different paths and in very different processes, but through the ‘tuning in’ together, as to whether this is the right next step for someone, it’s possible to quickly find out if it’s the right next step.

The telephone (or skype) sessions are for an hour, and do a piece of the work at a time. Sometimes, we are guided to have two or three sessions, sometimes one is perfect. I actually prefer to do these sessions on the phone (or using a voice call on skype), as it allows me to ‘tune in’ entirely to the energy of the situation; everything I ‘see’ is what is given to me and I’m not distracted by anything.

The new template sessions however, really require the person to be present.
I have done them at a distance, but have come to prefer to do it in person. I go into the process so deeply, working through all the layers of that person’s being and travelling through all of the dimensions; I’m really working in trance, and so prefer to have the person there physically, as it grounds the whole process. I think because I am working in ‘highness’ and then bringing it through to the physical, and am at the opposite ends of the scale (although paradoxically, when you go to the highest of the high, and into the depths and centre of your being – you discover they’re the same place!!) it feels much better to have the person there in their actual physical body!!!!

The vision I have been given is that it is this new energy body that humanity is manifesting that will bring the Age of Aquarius into being! There are different ways of bringing this energy body into being and the work I’m doing is just one of them!!
I’ve seen a new earth grid coming into being, and all sorts of amazing changes going on in the ‘wiring’ and ‘software’ of the earth, but to really bring the Age of Aquarius into the physical, it’s down to us human beings to bring in the changes.
Through having a new & upgraded energy body, we will be able to bring in the level of high vibration required for us to create the New Age. We are the hands and feet of the Divine upon the earth. The angels and ascended masters, and all of the light beings from other realms are all pouring through love & light by the billionfold upon us, however, it is us, and only us that can anchor the divine light into our lives and manifest the age of aquarius through humanity.

Sarah is an ascended master guide for the Age of Aquarius, and she is here to work alongside us in our process. Just by calling in her presence, her very energy will catalyse your process, causing a pressure for what is ‘real’ to come forward, and all that is ‘not real’, to fall away. We can achieve huge amounts (miracles even!), with Sarah at our side, and in many of the channellings I have done from Sarah, she has ended by saying, ‘Blessings are upon you, each and every moment of the day’
I used to think that this meant, that if we could only allow it, then lovely things would happen to us all day long!
Now, I see it as, all things that are in our lives, are there by Divine Will, and have a blessing within each of them, if only we allow ourselves to see it!!!

Blessings are upon you, each and every moment of your life!!
Blessed be, blessed be, blessed be. Amen!