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Sarah’s picture ‘a light unto the world’

Posted on: May 28th, 2012 by Rachel Goodwin

This is more than a beautiful painting – it’s a portal to Sarah’s Divine energies……

The longing for Sarah’s face

Several years ago, I had a longing to see a picture of Sarah, but I couldn’t find any. When I first connected with Sarah’s energies, I ‘saw’ her constantly in my mind’s eye, sometimes I saw her as a young woman, but often I would see her as a green colour; in the same way, when Mary Magdalene was with me, I would see pink, & when the Master Jesus was with me, I would see yellow. But when Sarah connected to me initially, whenever I closed my eyes to go to sleep at night or rest during the day, there she was, green and all!!

I so wanted to see something ‘outside’ of myself that represented Sarah, and wrote to people I knew asking if they could recommend an artist, but no-one I came across felt like the ‘right fit’. Then one month, I had one of  the Sarah channelling’s ‘Being loved’ published in a UK magazine, Paradigm Shift. On the cover, was a picture of a beautiful angel. One evening I was sitting and caught sight of it, and thought ‘oh, I wish somebody like that could do a Sarah painting for me’, and then my next thought was ‘well, why not!!’

The painting comes into being!

I looked excitedly through the magazine to find who had painted it, and found the details of the artist, a lady called Cheryl. I found her website and wrote an email explaining what I was hoping for and attached a channeling I had done which served as a good intro to Sarah, , as I thought I was sending this to someone who had probably never heard of her!!

Very quickly, I had a reply back from Cheryl, she said she would love to do a Sarah painting, and not only had she heard about Sarah, but was a genuine Sarah devotee, and had gone on pilgramage to St. Maries de la Mer (a village in France where they have a crypt dedicated to Sarah). I couldn’t believe it! The synchronicity of it was very exciting and affirming for me!!

Cheryl painted Sarah over the Christmas period, and on Jan 6th 2009, I got the train down to Castle Cary in Somerset to meet Cheryl and collect the painting. I was worried that it was a little dark, I had imagined something brighter, but I could feel straightaway the power of the painting, (Cheryl paints the psychic impressions and visions she receives) so I decided to go with it.

I found out afterwards that the day I received Sarah’s painting was a Christian feast day called Epiphany & (according to the great fount of knowledge that is Wikipedia) it’s a day that represents the celebration of ‘God the sun, as a human being, in Christ’ .

This to me, is exactly the energy that Sarah the Christchild represents, (as she has now taken this mantle from her father and mother) except she is saying now to all of us, as we move into the Age of Aquarius, ‘see the sun within you’ as now she holds out the flame to us in her hand so we might better find the light within us.

Getting the painting home

When I first got the painting home, it has an instant effect on me – it brought up the darkness in me! Boy was I in shock! (When we start to work intensely with Sarah’s energy, this is very common, she takes us into our darkness, so that we can find our light) I’d been watching the BBC’s version of Anne’s Franks diary, and went through several months depression around the Holocaust! My every worst thought and belief about humanity came up. I had my work cut out for me with a lot of clearing to do!! All the time Sarah was by my side.

In those first days, I remember going into my work room, where I had Sarah’s painting hanging up, and I was in such a temper! I was really angry about something (of course, I can’t remember what now) but I was stomping around the room doing things, and wherever I went I could feel Sarah’s eyes looking at me and sending the message  ‘I still love you’, ‘I still love you’ wherever I went in the room! I was so furious at all this compassion I was getting (!!) and I could feel the total steadiness and solidness of her compassion. It never waivered. It was so annoying!!

Since then, I have learnt that this is one of Sarah’s gifts; absolute acceptance, (‘All is welcome here!’)  There is nothing she will turn her face away from; she brings her steady gaze of love to all that we do, all that we are.

Other people who have a print of Sarah’s picture, have also said this to me, that they notice her eyes looking at them, and her eyes sometimes appear as if they are moving! (but always in a way that’s spiritually uplifting I hasten to add :-D

I’ve also found that looking at Sarah’s face, causes me to be with ‘whatever is there’ in me. So if I’m avoiding something, or repressing something, then when I connect with her through the picture, it just comes up, pretty much instantly. So much of what we hold onto, or hold down causes us to lose sight of our true selves, & this effect, although not an easy one to be with sometimes, is a saving grace. Releasing these things (and Sarah’s presence eases the release as she brings to it her gentleness and acceptance) helps resolve the issues that are muddying the waters around us, so we return naturally to our true clear essence. Sometimes when I look at the picture, she says things to me; she tells me things, or asks me to do things!

The flame

The flame that Sarah holds in her hand is a catalyst. When we gaze upon it, it brings up our divine spark more within us, so that it shines more brightly onto our physical being. Each time we do this, it precipitates a new growth phase within us, where we bring more light to the darkness (literally bringing our divine light into the darkness of the material world)

This is not to say that ‘the light’ within us/ the transcendent, is all good, and the ‘darkness’ within us/ the material, is all bad. Far from it. All of it is God/Goddess. But it is within this unification of the light and the dark, that ‘we can know God’, and come to create heaven on earth.

Sarah has come to us now, as we shift into the New Age of Aquarius, and let’s be honest, it is, for most of us a pretty difficult time. Our daily lives are challenging, and the darkness of Sarah’s painting represents to me the times we are living in now. Not that I see this all as woe and misery – not at all! The darkness is the unmolded clay, the raw material of our lives & we have the opportunity now to bring our light to the darkness, (with the most amazing amount of spiritual support around us ever afforded to humanity/ more now than EVER before – if you could see it all, you just wouldn’t believe your eyes!!) , as Sarah is showing us to do in her picture. Sarah is an ascended master guide for the Age of Aquarius, and if we call on her, she will walk by our sides, inspiring us to go within to our inner light. NOW is the time to go within and see what is there, and then bring this light to the world. IN THIS WAY, will we bring about the Age of Aquarius, and the New World!!

‘All is well, all is well, all is well!’

Blessed Be, Amen!

Rachel Goodwin.

p.s Cheryl has a beautiful set of soul oracle cards which has another Sarah picture in there, as well as many other beautiful paintings; you can see them at

p.p.s I have a few A4 fine art prints of the Sarah painting for £15 + P&P (depending on where you live). If you’d like one, just email me (Rachel) on the ‘contact us’ page…

join us for the solar eclipse blessings this Sunday 20th May

Posted on: May 18th, 2012 by Rachel Goodwin

Sarah Solar Eclipse/ New Moon blessing service 20th May 2012
❤ ❤ ❤ Blessings for good fortune & creating opportunities ❤ ❤ ❤


6-7p.m UK time.
If you are on Sarah’s blessing list, then I will be holding your energy in this sacred space and you will receive all the energies from this service. If you would like to join in with this meditation, connect at the time given if you can. If you unable for any reason to do this, I will ask that you receive them at the best time for you, (which could even be when you’re asleep!)
Do the following meditation:

Play some music that helps you feel uplifted & relaxed & call on Sarah and ask her to assist you with this work.

Call on the Elohim & ask them to reset you at a cellular level to a time when you were in oneness with the Divine. At a soul level we have all had this experience & with the earth changes now, we can ask for this to be brought through into our physical bodies.

Ask that anything be cleared from your heart over the period of the solar eclipse that is ready to go now.Imagine that your heart is being washed clean, this is what will be happening to you for the duration of the eclipse.

Imagine yourself connecting with the consciousness of the dolphins & whales, and imagine your heart centre filling with all the love that is available to you from this beautiful & divine consciousness. Have the intent that your heart centre is opening up to receive the new energies which are coming in from the Pleides with this eclipse. You could imagine seeing your heart centre opening, & the light of the stars entering in, or in some other way that is perfect just for you.

Everything you imagine is being supported by Sarah and the work we will be doing during the blessing service. Have the intent for these things to be so, it is enough! All is well, all is well, all is well. Blessed Be.