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Sarah channeling ‘coming into alignment for the great shift Dec 2012’

Posted on: June 19th, 2012 by Rachel Goodwin

Welcome all, I am Sarah, welcome, welcome, welcome.

This year is all about coming into alignment, in preparation for the great alignment in December 2012.

Many of you are already noticing the shifts and changes that have happened in your lives; not necessarily huge things (although maybe some are), but also little things. But maybe you are noticing how these small shifts and changes are bringing about a different feeling in your life, a different quality? We are moving forward into the New Age, and everything is changing. This is a whole new world we are moving into. There are the same challenges, the same difficulties, but now we are learning how to bring something different to those challenges and difficulties. Now the divine beingness inside of you is being brought to the things of the ego. All is one. We are coming into oneness. No longer does the mind have to struggle with the issues of the ego, and find the solutions. No. The mind is there to implant the solutions that have been brought forth from your innerness/ your inner being/ your Divine Selves/ all that you are. Your minds are wonderful tools, but they do not know how to create the solutions themselves, but only how to worry and be afraid of the difficulties. But your minds can assist you in ‘making the solutions so’ that your innerness has brought forth.

So are you coming into alignment, as the galaxy within which you live is too. As within, so without.

My energy – the archetypal force that I represent, that of the Christlight in unity consciousness, is in all things. I am here with you. Not in physical embodiment through a personality, but I am here in physical embodiment as I flow through each of you. As I flow through everything within the realm of physical creation, I am in the earth, in the grass, in the sky. Call on me, call me forth into your hearts, I can help you become your Divine Selves living here on earth through the wonderment of your individual & unique personalities. Each of you has something wondrous to give.

For all of your wounds, pain or suffering, for all of these things, you hold the keys within you to healing, for every difficulty that you experience, the healing is there within you, there at the centre of yourselves. All is well, all is well, all is well.

Use the (summer) solstice, use the (autumn) equinox. These are times of great power, where you can come into greater alignment, where your little self (your ego) and your Divine Self can come into flow with each other; through releasing family karma, personal karma from this life and others, and working on behalf of the planet and of all creation, we can come into ever greater alignment, oneness and flow.

I am Sarah, I am with you assisting in this great work that is part of the Divine’s plan, all is in oneness. Blessed Be, Blessed Be, Blessed Be, Sarah.

For a meditation and energy exercise to work with Sarah for you to come into alignment energetically with the galactic shift (received as an audio file for you to playback/ cost £10 or $16.50) email Rachel at

This meditation can be used at any time between now and Dec 2012 to bring your energy bodies into alignment, and is especially powerful to use on the summer solstice & autumn equinox in 2012.