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Moving into the Age of Aquarius & the alchemy of acceptance..

Posted on: July 12th, 2012 by Rachel Goodwin

The reason I work with Sarah’s energy, and created this website, is because I have found her energy and teachings to be extremely useful, and I believe just connecting up to her energy through your intent can bring in a whole different set of possibilities that just weren’t there before. She represents an archetypal force of the threefoldflame, that hasn’t been here on earth before, and is taking us now into the new Age of Aquarius. Working with Sarah has catapaulted me through many different stages of growth in my life, and has helped me experience a level of consciousness that I never would have got to on my own. In the sessions that I do with clients, I work with the issues that they bring; I tune in psychically to whatever it is they’re working with, and get the ‘whole picture’ energetically. It often feels like a big thing to be working with, and I can  feel the whole thing that the ego struggles with, with believing that nothing can change, that this fear or block or trauma or whatever it is can’t be healed, and then I open up to Sarah for guidance as to what’s needed for healing, and wait a few moments. Then it all comes in, in one single fraction of a second, it’s all there. The shift. The information. The healing. Then I start to speak and guide the client through a process that came in that moment, which is always different, but always ends up the same, in that the issue is shifted and transformed, in a way that helps that client be empowered and spiritually lifted.

That moment where the shift occurs, from ‘not possible’ to ‘possible’, I call the Sarah moment; where one moment there is the heaviness & the burden of life on earth and the particular weight of a particular issue that’s been struggled with and carried along, and the next moment everything has changed to something new.

That’s why I ‘believe’ in her, because it works, I can’t make that shift myself in a second like that, but when I’m working with my own issues or others, I watch it happen over and over again when Sarah is called on to intercede. Often the guidance from Sarah includes a process of connecting to our inner divinity (or higher self), which often makes the shift become something that is grounded into the here and now, and this is again made easy in a single second by the presence of Sarah. She is a catalyst that makes things seem easy, that without her can be consistently hard.

When I started working with Sarah’s energy in 2006, I hadn’t ever read anything about her, and even now 6 years later, I’ve still taken in very little information about her from other sources. Partly this is because I’ve been more interested in what she can do rather than who she is, and partly because for the 6 years I’ve been working with her energy, I’ve had resistance to who she is! However, the resistance I experience is all in the mind; on a soul level I just adore her and don’t give a hoot who she is anyway!! (but also, on a soul level, ‘I know her’) I can’t (& don’t want to) rationalise that, but there it is!!

But from time to time, in the last year, spirit have given me nudges to read this book and that about Christ in one form or another, (left to myself, these aren’t the books that I would be reading, it’s not the stuff my ego/ personality is into) often quite old and out of print books, and I usually read them one page at a time, because they so often resonate with what I’ve been given by spirit that I find it all a bit mind blowing!!  It was a little like this for me years ago, when I was a psychiatric nurse. Later on in my nursing career, I specialised in working psychodymically, and as I started to study psychotherapy and read the theory, I discovered pages and pages of information about things that I already knew – because I had already noticed and experienced and discovered them for myself through observing myself and others, and through the therapeutic work which I’d done with clients.

Now I’m finding that I’m going through a similar process, finding that reading others work & teachings about the Christlight, Jesus & the Magdalene is also how it has appeared to me, and the meaning and significance for us all.

I’m not saying the resistance has all gone, I still mutter under my breath and try and ignore ‘Jesus’ books jumping out of the shelf at me, but I can hear the light of my soul going ‘look at me, look at me, you want to read me, you do, you do’, and I can feel the joy and excitement that comes with it….(I can also see that studying these texts have immense value, just as the many other sacred texts that I’m much more happy studying that belong to world religions)

So if you have resistances to the things your soul is calling you to, don’t worry about it too much. We all have it. Let it be there. But don’t let it run your life. Listen to your soul’s light speaking to you in inspirations, and do the bit you can. I took that book off the shelf, by not letting myself think about it too much.  That was the bit I could do. I didn’t read any of it at the time, just the title. When I got home, I let myself look at a page. The next day another page. I can see why I got the book now I’m reading it page by page. It’s giving me just the confirmation I need right now, and it’s all so synchronitous.

And the fact that I struggle with that, & feel a bit grumpy about it all, rather than jumping around with joy (although, let’s be honest, part of me is) well, that’s just fine. That’s what Sarah has taught me, to let myself be all that I am, accepting everything I feel and think… And in that acceptance (of the dark and the light), an alchemy occurs within me, things change and the world moves on to a brand new day… Of course, there’s reasons and past lives and fear of moving forward and all of those things that build up into resistances, but by accepting it’s there, and letting it be there in a comfortable way, that resistance then has access to all the healing potential I carry within me…

And this is the darkness in Sarah’s picture, so that we can see that whatever darkness there is within the world, within ourselves, there is always the light, waiting for us to be with the dark and the light, so the alchemy occurs, and the world moves on a brand new day, where more possibilities exist that vibrate with the Age of Aquarius than before….

Rachel offers 1:1 sessions via skype & telephone, and also soul coaching sessions working with Sarah’s guidance & healing to help you become more of who you already are, yourSelf here on earth!! just email Rachel at