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Sarah’s Christmas and New Year Message

Posted on: December 28th, 2013 by Rachel Goodwin

christmas-candles“Christmas greetings & joy to you on this day!!

This is a special time of the year, which is why the birth of the Christ Jesus is celebrated on this day. Between now and the New Year is a pause, a differentiation in space and time where there is a slowing down and an opportunity to take a deep spiritual breath…

Yes, enjoy yourself, make merry, celebrate with your friends and family & loved ones.

Also, stop for a little moment, and feel the energies that are around you now. Up until Christmas, many of you can feel the intense speed that everyone seems to be going at; but then on Christmas day, another time zone seems to be entered, and when you come out the other side, everything has slowed down. In this special time, there is an outbreath of divine energy preparing you for the New Year ahead (the inbreath is what happens in the days leading up to Christmas, and accounts for the quickening), and in this outbreath, you can feel those special qualities of the divine that are particularly personal to you. If you are particularly fond of angels, they will be more present for you, if you are aligned to a particular deity or ascended master it is the same, and you can intensify the process by holding the intent to draw them closer to you, maybe by lighting a candle to them each day.

But for those of you who celebrate the holy family, it is the most special time of all, as the Christlight burns more strongly within you at this time of the year, than at any other, and you are connected to the holy family, through your humanity and through your divinity, through your prayers and through your stories, customs and acts of kindess and generosity. For the story of Jesus, is not one just of him, but of all of those who were involved with the events & mysteries of his birth & life thereafter. But this time of year, we particularly remember the Divine mother Mary, who made it possible for Jesus to come here, and was the conduit through which his divine soul could be birthed onto the earth plane.

So take this breath now, allow the outbreath to be a little longer, & see if you can tune into this spiritual pause. 2014 will be here soon enough, with all it’s gifts and challenges. Now is the time, between Christmas and New Year to spiritually rejuvenate a little, ready for the days ahead.
I am Sarah, may my blessings go with you, Blessed Be, Blessed Be, Blessed Be, Amen.”

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Rachel Goodwin is a channel & healer working with the ascended master Sarah, daughter of the Magdalene & Master Jesus.

Sarah is an ascended master guide for the Age of Aquarius and is working with the Earth and humanity to assist us in our process of ascension, and in manifesting our Higher Selves here on earth.

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love is the key

Posted on: December 2nd, 2013 by Rachel Goodwin

golden heartThe first channelling I ever did from Sarah, she said ‘love is the key’. Although I could feel that on a deep level, I havn’t understood it in a more conscious way until now.

We can often look for complicated ways to lead us on a path to happiness, fulfillment and success. Everything that Sarah teaches me is about simplicity. The lessons that I learn, including this one about love, seem to happen in layers. Life is always leading me where I need to go, and it seems to be that I complete these things in parts. Now I’m being led back to learning about love. Becoming love it feels more like.

Sarah is showing me how to bring her in, so she can presence herself. And she is showing me that this is her greatest gift to us. Not the words, or the teachings, the techniques, symbols or mantras. But simply her presence. In her presence, is…. God. The fullness of mother/father God/ the Divine. And that presence is love, just as we are love. In that presence, our bodies resonate with the vibration of love, and so we can step closer to it in consciousness. We already are love, now we can step closer to it in our awareness. Then we will KNOW that we are love.

Love is all around us. The Divine loves us, our higher Self loves us, our friends and family love us. And yet it can be very difficult, sometimes impossible to truly feel this love.
Following on from the December blessing, ( I’ll be running an online course, where you’ll be shown how to work with Sarah’s presence to open yourself to love and begin to radiate that love yourself.

This is a 3 week preparation course for opening your heart to love – and is an opportunity for you to use the very special energies between the winter solstice and new year, to really allow the energies to settle in, from the work you will do in the course. You can give yourself the present of love for Christmas!!

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YOU CAN ALSO COMPLETE THE COURSE AT ANY TIME after this start date, as all the work has been recorded.


This is the transcript from the first ever time that I channeled Sarah. I was doing a workshop working with an earth vortex that I had connected to in Hawaii. I was extremely surprised when Sarah came through, I didn’t really know anything about her, or even ‘believe’ in her particularly, but there she was, so I spoke the words that were there. Now as I read them over 7 years later, I realise how KEY they are to her work, & that in her surprise introductory speech, she was giving me words that I really needed to know and hear, and still have much to learn from….

23/06/2006 Pu’u honua o honau nau workshop.

Welcome sisters, I am one of the lady ascended masters, and my name is lady ascended master Sarah.

I was daughter to Mary Magdalene, who also encapsulated the love energy that is present here tonight.

The energy of this Lemurian  vortex, ancient and old, has been pouring forth the energy of love since the world began.

Yes, this is a gentle energy, a soft energy, but in that softness and in that gentleness is immeasurable power and immeasurable strength.

Everything was created with the energy of love. The energy of love binds all that exists within the physical world. It is the thing that connects you to everything else around you. It is the energy of love therefore, in which we are one with the universe, and can be one with all things.

If you wish to know a thing, or understand a thing, or connect to a thing, then send to it the energy of love from your heart centre, and this will open up many doorways for you.

The energy of love is the energy that when you are feeling tense or cross, & don’t understand what is going on around you; this is the energy that you need to call upon. The energy that will flow & soften, and help you see once again the truth of what is around you.

The energy at this sacred site, is like a rose with the petals tightly curled. It’s time will come where it will grow and unfurl and show it’s true beauty to the world.

And there is work to be done to enable this process, and this will be shown to you at the right time and at the right place.

But for now, I ask that once again you open your hearts, and receive my love, as I shower down my love & blessings upon you, and see in your mind’s eye, the shape of a heart, and allow it’s energy to enfold you.

And know that this energy will smooth your path. It won’t take the lessons away, it won’t remove the pain, or the anger or the frustrations, but it will make them a little easier.

And I give you, before I leave, my thanks that you have connected to these energies, because the time is coming now for these energies to expand and grow, and there are people needed to take these energies forth, and you are all playing your part.