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Sarah speaks…

Posted on: February 25th, 2014 by Rachel Goodwin

sarah 300pix   I’ve been taking messages from Sarah (nearly) every day for the last few months, for myself and a few others.  ‘Spirit’ has been encouraging me to do this for a long time now (years), but for whatever reason (resistance) (just being awkward) I havn’t done it, and have connected much less than I ‘should’ have. Anyway, my life has been running a lot more smoothly now since getting a bit of Sarah wisdom most days; it’s fine that it took me so long to get around to it. It’s all part of the healing path – I used to drink & smoke heavily as well; life’s a learning curve for what suits us and what doesn’t!!!

The messages are generally very simple; it’s a matter of the right words at the right time. I wanted to share some of these Sarah messages with you. They hold her energy & power as well as her channeled words, & they might just be the right words for you. Here’s some excerpts:-

“Do the things you can. Carry on in this way. Think of what you can do & then do that. Don’t worry about what you can’t do or what you aren’t achieving. Focus on what you can do & celebrate yourself for doing that. Ask yourself, ‘OK, what CAN I do right now’. Be in the moment. Don’t worry about the future. Do your affirmations. Let the future take care of itself. All is well, all is well, all is well.”

“God’s perfect plan for you is built upon a rock. These words you need to engrave into your heart. Believe it. Live it. Feel it’s truth inside you. Affirm it to yourself daily. Trust God. Trust the universe. Trust me. All is well, all is well, all is well, Blessings are upon you.”

“Keep trying. The act of trying will create an intention that will create a way for it to happen.”

“Your energy is shifting. But your life is for living & you are looking at it by just looking at how you can get through the day, asking yourself, ‘how can I make it through the day?’! You deserve more than this. You deserve love, joy, happiness. More than just being able to make it through the day. Ask yourself, ‘how can I have a good day today’. Keep asking this throughout the day!”

“Believe in yourself, just as you recognise that we all need someone to believe in us before we can develop. If you don’t believe something can happen, how can it happen? You’ll be blocking the pathways & processes in yourself before they even start!! Blessings be upon you, my presence is with you. Encourage yourself absolutely.”

“At times like these, when things are difficult, remember to love yourself (especially) more. Really focus on giving that love to yourself. Often when times are hard, the human response is to tighten up & ‘get on’ & to go on emotional standby in order to cope. This has a wearing effect when used long term. Try inside to soften a little, remember to ask ‘how can I love myself more?’, or ‘what loving thing can I do for myself today/ or right now? Try it & see what happens”

You can receive a Sarah message by emailing Rachel at with a question you’d like Sarah’s input on, £15/ $25

“It is time now for my voice to be heard, & I have much to say. I can offer reflections on all aspects of life, bringing a wisdom & a spiritual perspective.”


Sarah’s healing flame

Posted on: February 5th, 2014 by Rachel Goodwin

sarah's flame I’ve been having some health challenges the last few months, &  have been exploring all avenues for healing. I’ve been a regular at my doctors & had so many blood tests now I’ve lost my fear of needles (well, almost!). I’ve been seeing my homeopath, and also been doing personal exploration work on what these health issues are about for me. I have learnt a lot. But it has been a difficult time, as these times are. Listening to this meditation has helped me enormously, so I wanted to share it with you. It was part of a workshop I did in 2012 working with Sarah’s flame, and so carries the healing energy of that flame. When I listen to it, I imagine that all healing avenues/ insights/ healing ability in my own body are being opened/ unlocked/ magnified; I feel like the Divine is on my side & that everything that happens is for my highest good!!  The music in the background is the lovely Deva Premal, singing the mantra ‘om hraum maitreya namaha’ which cultivates the quality of friendliness. When we are ill or in trouble, it’s easy to feel that the world is a bad place, and not particularly ‘for us’; the energy of this mantra, and of Sarah’s flame helps us shift ourselves into healing, & into seeing/ knowing/ feeling that what is happening is a healing opportunity for us, & part of the Divine’s perfect plan for us.

To hear the meditation just click on the link below. I hope you enjoy it too. Blessings, Rachel.

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