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Sarah coaching sessions

Posted on: February 25th, 2016 by Rachel Goodwin

One of the things that Sarah is here to do is to bring in the energy of integration/ unity consciousness for the New Age of Aquarius:

“My energy represents the fusion of and perfect balance between the Christ energy (male) and the Magdalene flame (female). I am these two energies combined to create a third and perfectly balanced, harmonious energy. This energy has not been present on the earth plane before this moment. In my lifetime, I held the energy, which was born, as I was from the sacred union between my parents. I was the receptacle for this perfect power, but was simply a vessel to hold the power, as it was not the time for this energy to be birthed upon the world. Since that time, I have held the imprint of the energy within my soul’s pattern, so that one day, when the conditions had been sufficiently met, and all was in place, mankind and all of physical manifestation could be impregnated with this awesome power, through me, the conduit for this power. This is my work then, to birth this power across the earth, as the Master Jesus held the Christ flame and my mother, Mary Magdalene birthed the Magdalene flame, so I hold my power, which I have called the threefold flame and I bring it to you, to all of physical manifestation. The timing of this birthing has been designed to coincide with the coming of the Age of Aquarius, and is indeed the energy which will bring about the Age of Aquarius. This power which is being gifted to you is no small thing! Being gifted to you indeed it is, because now it is present upon the earth plane, it is present upon the earth grid, and so is freely available to all with intent to use it.” (to read the full channeling

And although this energy is already present, we are the forerunners, the pioneers who are at the front & breaking new ground. The old, the past, what has been, the old ways of being, and our own old energy patterns challenge us with inertia, fear, doubt and procrastination.

This is OK, there’s nothing wrong that this is how it is, becuase this is how it always is when we do something new. It takes a while to build up the energy. For a long time it can seem like nothing is happening, and then one day, wham, things start to break down and move and everything is underway.

Sarah’s energy can help us immensely when we are trying to do something that resonates with the New Earth/ the New Humanity. When we are trying to create new ways of being.

Also when people are feeling called to work with her directly, because it is such a new thing, the energy that she is bringing in, then the energy structures are not already in place, so it takes a little time to make it so.

Because of this, I’ve found that the Sarah coaching has emerged & developed organically, as I have seen and felt the need there for this kind of support. The people that I’m working with benefit from Sarah’s insight and advice, a little touch here and a little touch there, but they do not need ‘healing’ as such, although that can occur. Sometimes Sarah reweaves structures of the energy body to upgrade them and so that we can work with the new energies. Her very presence is catalytic and has an evolutionary effect upon us, bringing out our greatest possible potential. She gives wisdom, teachings and spiritual practices where needed.

We are being facilitated to ‘go ahead’ of what is around us in the energetic structures of the earth, and that are currently present in the human collective. In this way, facilitated by the ascended masters and angelic realms, we can help ‘pull along’ the energy structures behind us, so that they rise up with us. It is a big work, and one of service.

Sarah coaching sessions are 30 minutes via skype/ phone and are short and intense, and they always involve homework!! Because of course, ultimately, it is us who makes the changes within ourselves, with a little help!!

3-6 sessions are usually recommended over a period of 2-4 months, although this can be extended where required. If you are interested in receiving Sarah coaching sessions, you can write to Rachel here saying why you would like to have the coaching and what you would like to achieve. Sessions cost £40/ $55 each.

Sacred earth is your ascension guide

Posted on: February 15th, 2016 by Rachel Goodwin
Hawaii 2009 059

This is a sacred energy point in the islands of Hawai’i. If you let your eyes gaze at the centre point of the picture, and breathe gently in and out, you can absorb high vibrational ascension energies.

“Welcome I am Sarah. The message I have for you today is for you to become more closely aligned with the earth. The earth contains many things. Many things that are of mother/ father God, and are a direct way to experience the opportunities for a sacred life. Humanity holds much wisdom as a group soul, but often the earth is overlooked in her own wisdom as a very high source of teachings and information. Because you are made of the earth, you can receive these teachings physically into your body. The earth can give them directly to you, as if you were a pupil of a great spiritual guru. See the earth as your teacher, directly giving you the healing, cleansing, purification and transformation that is needed for you to advance spiritually. The earth needs you, and as you grow and become more spiritually pure, so you can be of greater service to everything here on the earth plane, including the earth herself. The earth needs your help, and she has much to offer you. Feel into the earth when you go outside. Listen to where you are led to go, by listening to your desires and wishes. Where will it bring you joy to go? Where do you need to be? In the same way that you can listen to your body and sense what food you need to eat/ what will be best for you, learn to understand your physical body as a compass, directing you in which direction you need to travel. This is sacred work and there is much to learn. I am Sarah, and you can call on me for help as often and whenever you wish. My blessings are upon you, blessed be, blessed, blessed be, Amen.”

Rachel channels the Ascended Master Sarah. If you would like to have a personal message channeled for you ($30, £20) please contact Rachel here