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Sacred earth is your ascension guide

Posted on: February 15th, 2016 by Rachel Goodwin
Hawaii 2009 059

This is a sacred energy point in the islands of Hawai’i. If you let your eyes gaze at the centre point of the picture, and breathe gently in and out, you can absorb high vibrational ascension energies.

“Welcome I am Sarah. The message I have for you today is for you to become more closely aligned with the earth. The earth contains many things. Many things that are of mother/ father God, and are a direct way to experience the opportunities for a sacred life. Humanity holds much wisdom as a group soul, but often the earth is overlooked in her own wisdom as a very high source of teachings and information. Because you are made of the earth, you can receive these teachings physically into your body. The earth can give them directly to you, as if you were a pupil of a great spiritual guru. See the earth as your teacher, directly giving you the healing, cleansing, purification and transformation that is needed for you to advance spiritually. The earth needs you, and as you grow and become more spiritually pure, so you can be of greater service to everything here on the earth plane, including the earth herself. The earth needs your help, and she has much to offer you. Feel into the earth when you go outside. Listen to where you are led to go, by listening to your desires and wishes. Where will it bring you joy to go? Where do you need to be? In the same way that you can listen to your body and sense what food you need to eat/ what will be best for you, learn to understand your physical body as a compass, directing you in which direction you need to travel. This is sacred work and there is much to learn. I am Sarah, and you can call on me for help as often and whenever you wish. My blessings are upon you, blessed be, blessed, blessed be, Amen.”

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