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About Sarah

The Ascended Master Sarah

Sara Flame

Sarah, St. Sarah, or Sara La Kali as sometimes she is known, is an ascended master guide for the Age of Aquarius.

Sarah can guide us in living & breathing our Higher Selves here on earth and building the New Earth.

You can call on Sarah as your guide, and she will show you & highlight the places on your path that will lead you to enlightenment.

Sarah’s path is one of direct experience and direct empowerment, one which will lead you back to yourSelf.

But more than this, She is the Christ Child.

Borne of the sacred marriage, her energy, her power is that of Life itself, the Divine made manifest, and so Sarah says, “I am Love made manifest, I have come to awaken this in you all!”

But also in Her, east meets west.

In Her religion is transcended; from her Jewish roots, gnostic christianity sprouts and grows and yet the sacred marriage speaks to all pagan spirituality, even as her light has been kept alive in the world by the honoring & devotion of the Romany Gypsies.

Sarah is a world teacher, bringing her light, her love, her wisdom; never before seen on the earth as it is now.

She is bringing the light of the Divine Absolute, the Divine Absolute made manifest here in earth, helping us remember who we are……

She is here for all of us, for the whole of creation.
Whether we know it or not, believe in her or not, she is here, she is amongst us……………