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About Rachel Goodwin

Rachel Goodwin

Rachel Goodwin is a channel for Sarah, and works to bring through Sarah’s teachings for the New Age of Aquarius.

She writes, gives talks and holds workshops and interactive e-courses to teach how we can work with and use these energies in our practical day to day lives.

She believes that we are co-creating the Age of Aquarius, and that we have to be the ones to make this happen!!

Rachel also offers one-to-one telephone or skype sessions channeling Sarah’s wisdom to help us as we move into the Age of Aquarius.

As a qualified mental health nurse and hypnotherapist, she has worked over the years in a huge variety of settings; in the NHS, in prisons and also in private health care settings, studying closely the nature of humanity!

Rachel holds online courses & regular services where she offers prayers & blessings from the Divine and from Sarah. Often using sacred chant in her work to call forth Divine energy, Rachel works with Sanskrit & Hawaiian chants, & also uses these in her healing work with others, & with the earth. Hear Rachel singing a sacred chant to Sarah.

Sarah first came through to Rachel, when she was running a workshop for working with the energies of Pu’u Honua O Honau Nau, (the Place of Sanctuary) on the Big Island of Hawai’i. (Where there is a Lemurian vortex which whirls out the most beautiful energies of divine love.) When Rachel opened to spirit for a message to come through about this particular vortex, expecting one of the Hawai’ian goddesses, much to her surprise it was Sarah that came through! Surprise, because Rachel didn’t really know anything about Sarah before this and so began a journey of learning & discovery!

Rachel’s channellings have been published in Paradigm Shift and her wish is to share Sarah’s Divine Presence and beautiful energies with as many people as she can!

Rachel lives in the UK and travels regularly about the earth wherever she’s called and can best be contacted via email.