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At the centre of the circle

Posted on: November 4th, 2016 by Rachel Goodwin

Listen in here to our most recent radio show; Sarah’s energies are really starting to align with us now (or us with them!), and from the playback, you can learn this fundamental spiritual practice received from Sarah, ‘The centre of the circle’ as a way to always be able to connect easily and effortlessly to your higher self and your soul energy.

And from the live channeling, here are is the written text for you:
Rachel’s comments immediately before connecting to Sarah:
It’s not just the words that are important. It’s the energy that is coming through. So just sit and open yourself because Sarah’s energy is very powerful. She holds the grail codes and so these energies can impact upon your DNA, even. Ok..
Message from Ascended Master Sarah, daughter of Christ Jesus and Mary Magdalene, channeled by Rachel Goodwin on 10/18/16: (words in italics were emphasized by Sarah)
Welcome, I am Sarah. Remember that the energy, the archetypal energy that I hold, that I represent for the Divine is within each one of you. It exists already in that spark of divinity that is within each of you, your divine selves that you are. All that you are grows out from this place. Feel yourself, then, gently resting your awareness on that spark of divinity. You don’t have to know how to reach it, where it is. Just simply have an intent that you are connecting to it.
And know that in the next year, and in the next year beyond that, you are going to be going on a great journey, connecting much more deeply and much more highly with this part of yourselves, and the Earth as well and your connection with the Earth, in connection to this higher and lower, bringing everything into integration, everything into integration. [Sarah emphasized the previous four words more than any other in this message] So happy times ahead – times of joy, times of ease, times of light.
It will be very important to stay grounded. It will be very easy to be lifted up off your feet as with a strong wind. And to remember to everyday use your grounding techniques. You know which ones are good for you. All of you are experienced workers. You know what to do. Do it. You have your toolkit at hand. You have been prepared, in this year particularly but of course years before that too, for what is coming. You are ready. You are much stronger than you have ever been. Even though you might not feel like it right now, it is so. I am Sarah and these are my words to you.
I send you my blessing now – blessings of light gently raining down, gently raining down upon you, beautiful floating sparks of light coming down into your energy body. I send them out to you now for all those who are ready to receive. I am Sarah and these are my blessings and my wishes for you – wishes of happiness, joy, integration and enlightenment.
I am Sarah and all is well, all is well, all is well. Blessed be, blessed be, blessed be. Amen.
Rachel’s comments immediately after the channeling:
Ok! So, I really felt her much more here, in a way. And I really felt she is coming closer to us now. And her energy is coming closer to the Earth. It’s kind of like she’s been coming a bit from the future before. And now we are all lining up with each other. We are coming into alignment. And I think that is what the next year is going to be about.


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