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On growing..

Posted on: April 18th, 2018 by Rachel Goodwin

“Think of it in another way.

Your lessons are coming one at a time.

So you grow with the situation.Therefore the situation can only develop one step at a time to match your growth.

So you’re not failing because it’s not all achieved now.

You’re growing.”

Ascended Master Sarah.

Sarah oracle cards

Posted on: February 6th, 2018 by Rachel Goodwin

Sarah can give us another insight into what is happening/ what we want to happen in our lives. Here are some examples from a mini-reading I did several weeks ago with the new Sarah oracle cards that I’m working with. The example includes the teaching on each card, and then a message which I have channeled to go with the card info.

“Two cards came out for you, ‘Sarah – a guide for the Age of Aquarius’, and ‘ascension through daily life’.

The first card, ‘Sarah – a guide for the Age of Aquarius’, tells us about Sarah’s work heralding in the new age. She stands by our side, guiding us, empowering us and mentoring us in our evolutionary process. As we enter the new age, there is no ‘plan’ anymore, except the one that each of us carry inside us, the inner blueprint held within our soul energy. We are the plan! As we each learn how to act on those inner impulses, so we create the age of aquarius. So it is up to us, how much of the plan gets implemented!! We are in charge of our own destiny and what happens on the earth. In this way, we have to each figure out ‘how, when and where’ we are going to manifest this divine plan through our daily lives….. Each one of us is a small filament in the net of light, with the ascended masters, angels, gods and goddesses, all supporting us in our work.

The second card, ‘ascension through daily life’, speaks of one of Sarah’s principle teachings, which is that everything that we need to know or understand in order to develop and move forward on our spiritual path, can be seen by observing and being aware of our daily life, both inside and outside of ourselves, (ie, our inner life, thoughts, dreams, emotions, and then our outer life, ie the conditions around us, and the day to day happenings of what our daily life consists of each day), and then applying spiritual teachings to what we have observed.

‘Welcome, I am Sarah. I would speak to you this day of the value of each day of your life. Perhaps you feel sometimes that a day is worthless, and has no value, because nothing of particular interest is happening, or because of the unpleasantness of the feelings that you have inside, but I would like to say to you that this is not true, in fact the opposite. On those days, those things are telling you the most information, that you can use to your best advantage. Of course, it is wonderful to have lovely days, with exciting things happening, and it is all very enjoyable, but is that day teaching you how to develop spiritually, or where you need to pay attention? No. In fact on those more difficult and unwanted days, you could perhaps take an attitude of active listening, ‘what is it about today that I really don’t like’, and take a note of the underlying emotions or beliefs or patterns. Of course, there are some days when you don’t have the inner resources to do one more thing, other than get through that day, but even those days are useful, because then what is important for you to do, is to ask for help – because, you may not have the resources that day, but God has them aplenty, and so you should ask the divine, or me, or the angels or whoever to lend you a helping hand! Ask whoever you feel like, that is not important, simply that you ask!!

What is inside you, especially the things that feel worthless and useless and you wish would just go away – that is where the gold is hidden, that is what will lead you to your part of the divine’s plan and in manifesting it, and to what your soul, which is of course you, is trying to get you to pay attention to.

Paying attention to the small details in this way, asking yourself, ‘why is this so crap for me?!!’, ‘why do I feel like this?’, ‘why do I think this particular thing is happening in my life, what does it mean?.’ Stopping for a moment, and asking these things – these are where you find the road to ascension, or rather integration, which then brings about an ascension of the lower vibrations and a grounding of the higher vibrations, so that all comes into connection, and then that divine fullness, which is spoken about can be felt. Maybe this is a state of being, that can be experienced in moments at the beginning, rather than something which becomes attained, and then as you become more and more practiced, more and more integrated, so it can be something which can be attained as a constant practice.

If you can do these things, and ask for help in the resolution/ healing of these things, so can I, and the other spiritual beings who support you, teach you what you need to know, and then you can go on and teach others.

I am Sarah, and these are the words which I wish to speak to you today, blessed be, blessed be, blessed be, amen.’


Being held in the midst of radical change

Posted on: February 28th, 2017 by Rachel Goodwin

This radio show has a great meditation that gives a holding energy and can help us through radical times of change. The meditation was based on ‘the practice of the 3foldflame’ which I received inspirationally many years ago and you can find more about here
Hope you enjoy!

At the centre of the circle

Posted on: November 4th, 2016 by Rachel Goodwin

Listen in here to our most recent radio show; Sarah’s energies are really starting to align with us now (or us with them!), and from the playback, you can learn this fundamental spiritual practice received from Sarah, ‘The centre of the circle’ as a way to always be able to connect easily and effortlessly to your higher self and your soul energy.

And from the live channeling, here are is the written text for you:
Rachel’s comments immediately before connecting to Sarah:
It’s not just the words that are important. It’s the energy that is coming through. So just sit and open yourself because Sarah’s energy is very powerful. She holds the grail codes and so these energies can impact upon your DNA, even. Ok..
Message from Ascended Master Sarah, daughter of Christ Jesus and Mary Magdalene, channeled by Rachel Goodwin on 10/18/16: (words in italics were emphasized by Sarah)
Welcome, I am Sarah. Remember that the energy, the archetypal energy that I hold, that I represent for the Divine is within each one of you. It exists already in that spark of divinity that is within each of you, your divine selves that you are. All that you are grows out from this place. Feel yourself, then, gently resting your awareness on that spark of divinity. You don’t have to know how to reach it, where it is. Just simply have an intent that you are connecting to it.
And know that in the next year, and in the next year beyond that, you are going to be going on a great journey, connecting much more deeply and much more highly with this part of yourselves, and the Earth as well and your connection with the Earth, in connection to this higher and lower, bringing everything into integration, everything into integration. [Sarah emphasized the previous four words more than any other in this message] So happy times ahead – times of joy, times of ease, times of light.
It will be very important to stay grounded. It will be very easy to be lifted up off your feet as with a strong wind. And to remember to everyday use your grounding techniques. You know which ones are good for you. All of you are experienced workers. You know what to do. Do it. You have your toolkit at hand. You have been prepared, in this year particularly but of course years before that too, for what is coming. You are ready. You are much stronger than you have ever been. Even though you might not feel like it right now, it is so. I am Sarah and these are my words to you.
I send you my blessing now – blessings of light gently raining down, gently raining down upon you, beautiful floating sparks of light coming down into your energy body. I send them out to you now for all those who are ready to receive. I am Sarah and these are my blessings and my wishes for you – wishes of happiness, joy, integration and enlightenment.
I am Sarah and all is well, all is well, all is well. Blessed be, blessed be, blessed be. Amen.
Rachel’s comments immediately after the channeling:
Ok! So, I really felt her much more here, in a way. And I really felt she is coming closer to us now. And her energy is coming closer to the Earth. It’s kind of like she’s been coming a bit from the future before. And now we are all lining up with each other. We are coming into alignment. And I think that is what the next year is going to be about.


Here comes the sun radio show

Posted on: September 28th, 2016 by Rachel Goodwin

Sarah channeling brought through by Rachel Goodwin from Septembers radio show, ‘here comes the sun, solar eclipse, 2/9/2016
“Welcome I am Sarah. Much of the work and the preparation was orchestrated and facilitated by my mother the Magdalene. She holds the energy of the divine feminine, and it is the divine feminine that is stepping forward upon the planet, to heal so many kingdoms, the crystal kingdom, the animal kingdom, the kingdom of the elementals and the devas, the plant kingdom. All of the realms now are receiving an intense healing. And once the healing has reached a critical point, where the recovery is a little greater than it is right now, my energy will become more pronounced. Because I am the next step. I am the way forward. I am the future. And the evolutionary step that you’re in now is facilitated by the energy that I represent. Of course it is not my energy, it is the energy of the divine, it is oneness. And in a way I am speaking to you from the future. I am echoing back across time, and yet there are those of you who can connect to me already; because in your souls, you have this oneness, you have this oneness already. And as you connect to me, through this energy of oneness in your soul, so your bodies and this evolutionary blueprint is being pulled into its next phase of development. You are the pioneers. You are the way showers. You are the way forward. And this is why this is such a great work, and takes quite a lot of energy, and striving and focus, and love and commitment. I am Sarah and I give you my blessings, and I would ask you to remember, please remember to use these tools that you are being given. Even just for a few minutes each day, many of you have tools that you know and love, and you could use them more. Remember to use them, remember my words. You must feed your energy bodies, in the same way that you feed yourself the food that you need, or the fresh air that you need. Take the moment, take the time, all is well, all is well, all is well. These are my words to you this day, and my blessings are upon you, feel your heart open now to the energy which is being sent to you; the evolutionary force which will lessen the intensity and bring a gentleness and love, to your growth and your transformation, and the shifts which you are making. Breathe me in, open your hearts and breathe me in, I am there, I am here with you, I am Sarah, and my blessings are upon you, blessed be, blessed be, blessed be, Amen.”
And a few final words from Cheryl!
Here comes the sun,
or shall we say, here comes the fun!
For it is in letting go of all the resistance,
that you can truly live your life, as it was meant to be.
Freedom, growth, joy, for every girl and boy.
So let it be said, so let it be done.

Summer blessings from Sarah with Mary Magdalene’s Way of the Heart

Posted on: August 12th, 2016 by Rachel Goodwin



“Let go and move into the flow
now is the time to brighten your glow
shine shine shine, for all to see
receive and embrace yourself joyfully”

Cheryl Finn.

Hear information and teachings about ‘Mary Magdalen’s way of the heart’, and enjoy the summer solstice energies all over again! Cheryl and I created some wonderful energy exercises for you, including ‘seeing yourself as the divine sees you’ and we had such a powerful blessing channeled from Sarah.
You can listen to the show here, and experience it directly yourself

If you would like to have a personal Sarah channelled session, I offer 1:1 sessions via skype, (see more details below) and I am also now offering a limited number of Sarah 30 minute ascension coaching sessions every month 

Sarahs mandala & Mary Magdalenes healing temple

Posted on: April 25th, 2016 by Rachel Goodwin

We’re going to be using this mandala in the radio show this Weds. If you listen to the meditation and look into the centre of the mandala it can awaken your inner purpose/ gifts and facilitate some amazing shifts of consciousness! It’s a very special tool that’s being gifted here, enjoy!!

The link for the show is

Reset, restart, restore!

Posted on: March 25th, 2016 by Rachel Goodwin


I’ve just been creating a visualisation for the radio show tonight, ‘Reset, restart, restore’.

The reset part is the ‘letting go’ of the old energy, the vibrations that belong to the past, and the thoughtforms that were created from them. The restart part is the connexion to the New Earth grid, the crystalline light that is taking us into the Age of Aquarius. And the restore part, is a restoring to ourselves, I suppose in a way of our Divinity –  we give ourselves permission to ‘dare to dream’ recovering our deepest hearts desires. In one way it’s gaining something new, from the perspective of the life we have had on earth so far, but in another it’s a recovering of something lost, an integral aspect of our being, and so a restoring of ourselves to wholeness.

In this process of ‘daring to dream’, it is Mary Magdalene’s energy that supports us in connecting to our deepest hearts desires, Sarah’s energy that supports us in creating the energy of it, and Master Jesus’s energy that supports us in grounding that desire and making it so. Each of us holds our own piece of the New Earth energy – a way of being of you like, or an energy pattern that wants to express through us. Each of us will do this in a unique way, no one other person can do what the next person can do in  exactly the same way. In ‘daring to dream’ by connecting to our deepest hearts desires we open up to this piece of ourselves that holds the codes for the New Earth, held at the very centre of our being….


But what was quite clear is that the gradual adjustment that lightworkers are making to the New Earth grid, and it is a gradual one – the more we are aligned to the New Earth energy, the more we integrate the energy and transform our physical bodies, cells and DNA so that they also aligned. It’s a big job, and it takes some time. This grid supports all life on earth, it is what sustains the spiritual beings who are living here in physical bodies (that includes the plant, animal and crystal kingdoms) and has been fully operational since 2012. But what was quite clear, was that the intense process that we are in of change is not going to let up. However, we are a good way into the process of being properly connected to the new crystalline grid now and this affords us many opportunities. Opportunities to connect to higher emotional vibrations such as love, patience, joy, peace. Opportunities to connect much more easily to higher thought forms that others have already created such as creating abundance here on earth, conflict resolution, learning how to connect with your guides and angels, sacred relationship and so on. The new earth grid is like a resource centre for daily life, and can be tapped into for help and support in creating a life that is in accordance with the vibrations of the New Age of Aquarius.

In the old grid, things were much tougher. This is the grid that many of us were born into and shaped the physical bodies that we live in now. It is also formed our emotional experiences and memories. As a sensitive energetic being, when I was a child I was acutely aware of the energy that was around me environmentally – not just in my family, culture and country, but also on the earth grid as it existed at that present time. Born in 1970, I found it extremely challenging to be able to cope with being alive, just on a day to day basis in that low level of energy and vibration, and with the dimness of the light available at that time.  Then, the main way to reach, connect to and bring down higher vibrational energies was through sustained individual effort, prayer, chanting, meditation, healing and so on – really by connecting directly to the divine or one of the divine’s heavenly helpers. Now we are being supported by the New Earth grid which exists directly around us. (Or at least we will be fully supported by it, when each of us has individually come fully ‘online’ and plugged in to it fully, and as I said that will take each of us some time, and not all exactly at the same time, as we each have our own journey to go on, and are having to transmute different amounts of family, cultural and past life issues.) This grid feels bright, vibrantly alive, vibrationally brilliant. It is a joy to connect to and live within.

But instead of the intensity of the ascension process dying down,  the support that we are receiving is gradually growing, so that in a few more years, it won’t seem anything like such a huge effort!! But I still vividly remember the greyness of the old grid, and how difficult I found it to exist within it, as it didn’t have the energetic elements present within it that I needed to sustain me. The new crystalline grid has everything within it that we need to sustain us. It has all the resources, energetically speaking, to support the pieces of the New Earth that are within each of us, and which we can manifest.

The radio show will connect you more deeply to the New Earth Grid, and strengthen your axiatonal lines (your connection as a soul being in physical incarnation to the higher dimensions and the earthly realm below), as our bodies are upgrading, so we need to upgrade our connection above and below. It will also give you some powerful suggestions to manifesting your own special piece of the New Earth.

Blessings are upon you, blessed be, blessed be, blessed be, Amen!!!

Listen to the 30 minutes podcast here



Sarah coaching sessions

Posted on: February 25th, 2016 by Rachel Goodwin

One of the things that Sarah is here to do is to bring in the energy of integration/ unity consciousness for the New Age of Aquarius:

“My energy represents the fusion of and perfect balance between the Christ energy (male) and the Magdalene flame (female). I am these two energies combined to create a third and perfectly balanced, harmonious energy. This energy has not been present on the earth plane before this moment. In my lifetime, I held the energy, which was born, as I was from the sacred union between my parents. I was the receptacle for this perfect power, but was simply a vessel to hold the power, as it was not the time for this energy to be birthed upon the world. Since that time, I have held the imprint of the energy within my soul’s pattern, so that one day, when the conditions had been sufficiently met, and all was in place, mankind and all of physical manifestation could be impregnated with this awesome power, through me, the conduit for this power. This is my work then, to birth this power across the earth, as the Master Jesus held the Christ flame and my mother, Mary Magdalene birthed the Magdalene flame, so I hold my power, which I have called the threefold flame and I bring it to you, to all of physical manifestation. The timing of this birthing has been designed to coincide with the coming of the Age of Aquarius, and is indeed the energy which will bring about the Age of Aquarius. This power which is being gifted to you is no small thing! Being gifted to you indeed it is, because now it is present upon the earth plane, it is present upon the earth grid, and so is freely available to all with intent to use it.” (to read the full channeling

And although this energy is already present, we are the forerunners, the pioneers who are at the front & breaking new ground. The old, the past, what has been, the old ways of being, and our own old energy patterns challenge us with inertia, fear, doubt and procrastination.

This is OK, there’s nothing wrong that this is how it is, becuase this is how it always is when we do something new. It takes a while to build up the energy. For a long time it can seem like nothing is happening, and then one day, wham, things start to break down and move and everything is underway.

Sarah’s energy can help us immensely when we are trying to do something that resonates with the New Earth/ the New Humanity. When we are trying to create new ways of being.

Also when people are feeling called to work with her directly, because it is such a new thing, the energy that she is bringing in, then the energy structures are not already in place, so it takes a little time to make it so.

Because of this, I’ve found that the Sarah coaching has emerged & developed organically, as I have seen and felt the need there for this kind of support. The people that I’m working with benefit from Sarah’s insight and advice, a little touch here and a little touch there, but they do not need ‘healing’ as such, although that can occur. Sometimes Sarah reweaves structures of the energy body to upgrade them and so that we can work with the new energies. Her very presence is catalytic and has an evolutionary effect upon us, bringing out our greatest possible potential. She gives wisdom, teachings and spiritual practices where needed.

We are being facilitated to ‘go ahead’ of what is around us in the energetic structures of the earth, and that are currently present in the human collective. In this way, facilitated by the ascended masters and angelic realms, we can help ‘pull along’ the energy structures behind us, so that they rise up with us. It is a big work, and one of service.

Sarah coaching sessions are 30 minutes via skype/ phone and are short and intense, and they always involve homework!! Because of course, ultimately, it is us who makes the changes within ourselves, with a little help!!

3-6 sessions are usually recommended over a period of 2-4 months, although this can be extended where required. If you are interested in receiving Sarah coaching sessions, you can write to Rachel here saying why you would like to have the coaching and what you would like to achieve. Sessions cost £40/ $55 each.

Sacred earth is your ascension guide

Posted on: February 15th, 2016 by Rachel Goodwin
Hawaii 2009 059

This is a sacred energy point in the islands of Hawai’i. If you let your eyes gaze at the centre point of the picture, and breathe gently in and out, you can absorb high vibrational ascension energies.

“Welcome I am Sarah. The message I have for you today is for you to become more closely aligned with the earth. The earth contains many things. Many things that are of mother/ father God, and are a direct way to experience the opportunities for a sacred life. Humanity holds much wisdom as a group soul, but often the earth is overlooked in her own wisdom as a very high source of teachings and information. Because you are made of the earth, you can receive these teachings physically into your body. The earth can give them directly to you, as if you were a pupil of a great spiritual guru. See the earth as your teacher, directly giving you the healing, cleansing, purification and transformation that is needed for you to advance spiritually. The earth needs you, and as you grow and become more spiritually pure, so you can be of greater service to everything here on the earth plane, including the earth herself. The earth needs your help, and she has much to offer you. Feel into the earth when you go outside. Listen to where you are led to go, by listening to your desires and wishes. Where will it bring you joy to go? Where do you need to be? In the same way that you can listen to your body and sense what food you need to eat/ what will be best for you, learn to understand your physical body as a compass, directing you in which direction you need to travel. This is sacred work and there is much to learn. I am Sarah, and you can call on me for help as often and whenever you wish. My blessings are upon you, blessed be, blessed, blessed be, Amen.”

Rachel channels the Ascended Master Sarah. If you would like to have a personal message channeled for you ($30, £20) please contact Rachel here