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Being Loved

(Lady Sarah – March 2008)

Welcome all. I am the ascended Lady Master Sarah. Today I would speak to you of many things, but really they are all one. Just as although you are all many, you too are all one. I have come to you today to speak to you of love. Of the love that is most simply held in your hearts, of the love that is there as a memory, the memory of being perfectly loved, perfectly held, of nothing else in that moment except that perfect sense of love.

Can you feel your hearts stir in memory, held in the depths of yourSelf, can you feel the warmth of that love, long forgotten now by your conscious minds, but held there nonetheless in perfect harmony, perfect peace, perfect love?

This is the love that the Divine has for you, just for you, that love you can feel, and every time you love somebody else, perfectly or imperfectly, you can do so, because your soul remembers that first time you came into existence and were loved, for being……….. exactly that, you were loved just for being, and you didn’t have to do anything, or be anything or say anything clever, or be the best in your class. You didn’t have to be better than the rest, you didn’t have to be anything at all, because you already were…….Perfect, whole & complete.

And this memory is held within each of us; with our intent, and with Divine Grace, we can find it there, and once that memory is found, what does it matter if we are not the cleverest, or the best, we are perfect exactly as we are, else how could we be loved so perfectly?!

And so it is, when many babies are born into the world, that they find themselves loved in this way, the essence and energies of the pure creative force of the universe, is in them, and around them, and that baby knows that it is loved, just for being exactly the way it is. And when the baby is loved in this way, so for a moment we have emulated our Divine Creator, & in that moment feel the bliss & ecstasy of loving perfectly that is our divine heritage.

And so it is, that with those around us, we forget little by little, how to love perfectly, we allow more of our minds desires and wants to dictate how we love, looking sometimes for the perfect person to love, or hoping for the perfect child, or the perfect boss, the perfect parent, the perfect friend. And we forget that in loving our highest goal can be, not loving the perfect person, and so bringing us bliss, but instead, loving perfectly, loving in the perfect way, loving simply for being. When we can love another or ourselves in that perfect way, simply for being, then we have come into alignment with the Divine Source, and stand reflected as our Maker.

And as with all things, the first step is to practice! So you could practice loving things just as they are. You could say to yourself, today I will practise loving myself just as I am. And just for that day, or that morning, have the intent of loving yourself. Notice the moments when your love for yourself fails and stutters away, and at that very moment, double the love you have for yourself, strengthen your resolve, and you will notice how helpful it is.

And when you do this practice with yourself, you might find that in these very moments when you are feeling cross with yourself, it is because you are struggling or suffering in some way, feeling less than, or worse than, and really quite suffering. Imagine how the Divine who loves you perfectly might respond to you in this moment, what would the Divine say to you and how would that feel. Have the intent of loving yourself, even if you feel anything and everything but love, (and of course, I would always recommend reassuring yourself with a ‘all is well, all is well, all is well!) And this intent allows a doorway to open for Divine Grace to come through, and you might find that your self-condemnation becomes that very doorway that the light of the Divine can enter through!!! And with that intent of loving, understanding can occur, and in the understanding, a healing can take place, and in that healing a new perspective can come in and take the place of the old, outworn habits of self-criticism.

Do the same with your loved ones, & just at the moment when they are being their most annoying to you, double the love you have for them. Bring your attention, your awareness to yourself, observe your annoyance and have the intention, the resolve that you feel twice as much love for them. Notice what changes, what shifts there are as you practice this more and more & what behaviours change. With your loved ones, your partners and your children, observe how bringing love to bear does not result in repressing your true feelings, but that in speaking your truth, or in acting as you believe you must, love is coming to bear as well.

So if you would like to be as one with the Divine, then a mystery, a secret is that you must bring yourself into vibrational alignment with the Divine, and this is one way that can help you do so, by intentionally acting as the Divine, so little by little day by day, you will become more and more into alignment with the perfect pure vibration of the Divine Source.

Some might think it would take a lifetime or even many, many, many lifetimes to reach such lofty vibrational heights as these, but I tell you that in this time, and this place, and in this moment all is possible. Divine Grace is all around you of such incredible magnitude that even the very smallest effort, the very tiniest intent, will propel you forwards in such leaps and bounds that before you could never have imagined that you could reach so far, or climb so high or feel such bliss. These are special times, and they are yours to seize the incredible opportunities that are existing right now, just for you, this is why you are here, why you came here, to remember who you are……….

Don’t waste away your life, thinking enlightenment & ascension are only for the few, they’re not, they’re for all of us, all of us here on this earth have the potential for enlightenment, and a great proportion of us can achieve that in this very one lifetime we are living on this earth. Of course, many of you have the advantage, being old souls who have gone around the block a few times………. So what are you waiting for, don’t you want to return home?

All is well, all is well, all is well. Whether you achieve enlightenment within one lifetime is not the important thing for an eternal being! Any desire, any intent, any work or effort you make will move you closer to your goal, so why not start now & seize the opportunities held in this moment? And just imagine now, how it feels to be held in that Divine Embrace, how good it feels that you are loved, and all is well, all is well, all is well.

With these blessings showering down upon you, I give you my love, and bid you farewell.

Blessed be, blessed be, blessed be.

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