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Reset, restart, restore!

Posted on: March 25th, 2016 by Rachel Goodwin


I’ve just been creating a visualisation for the radio show tonight, ‘Reset, restart, restore’.

The reset part is the ‘letting go’ of the old energy, the vibrations that belong to the past, and the thoughtforms that were created from them. The restart part is the connexion to the New Earth grid, the crystalline light that is taking us into the Age of Aquarius. And the restore part, is a restoring to ourselves, I suppose in a way of our Divinity –  we give ourselves permission to ‘dare to dream’ recovering our deepest hearts desires. In one way it’s gaining something new, from the perspective of the life we have had on earth so far, but in another it’s a recovering of something lost, an integral aspect of our being, and so a restoring of ourselves to wholeness.

In this process of ‘daring to dream’, it is Mary Magdalene’s energy that supports us in connecting to our deepest hearts desires, Sarah’s energy that supports us in creating the energy of it, and Master Jesus’s energy that supports us in grounding that desire and making it so. Each of us holds our own piece of the New Earth energy – a way of being of you like, or an energy pattern that wants to express through us. Each of us will do this in a unique way, no one other person can do what the next person can do in  exactly the same way. In ‘daring to dream’ by connecting to our deepest hearts desires we open up to this piece of ourselves that holds the codes for the New Earth, held at the very centre of our being….


But what was quite clear is that the gradual adjustment that lightworkers are making to the New Earth grid, and it is a gradual one – the more we are aligned to the New Earth energy, the more we integrate the energy and transform our physical bodies, cells and DNA so that they also aligned. It’s a big job, and it takes some time. This grid supports all life on earth, it is what sustains the spiritual beings who are living here in physical bodies (that includes the plant, animal and crystal kingdoms) and has been fully operational since 2012. But what was quite clear, was that the intense process that we are in of change is not going to let up. However, we are a good way into the process of being properly connected to the new crystalline grid now and this affords us many opportunities. Opportunities to connect to higher emotional vibrations such as love, patience, joy, peace. Opportunities to connect much more easily to higher thought forms that others have already created such as creating abundance here on earth, conflict resolution, learning how to connect with your guides and angels, sacred relationship and so on. The new earth grid is like a resource centre for daily life, and can be tapped into for help and support in creating a life that is in accordance with the vibrations of the New Age of Aquarius.

In the old grid, things were much tougher. This is the grid that many of us were born into and shaped the physical bodies that we live in now. It is also formed our emotional experiences and memories. As a sensitive energetic being, when I was a child I was acutely aware of the energy that was around me environmentally – not just in my family, culture and country, but also on the earth grid as it existed at that present time. Born in 1970, I found it extremely challenging to be able to cope with being alive, just on a day to day basis in that low level of energy and vibration, and with the dimness of the light available at that time.  Then, the main way to reach, connect to and bring down higher vibrational energies was through sustained individual effort, prayer, chanting, meditation, healing and so on – really by connecting directly to the divine or one of the divine’s heavenly helpers. Now we are being supported by the New Earth grid which exists directly around us. (Or at least we will be fully supported by it, when each of us has individually come fully ‘online’ and plugged in to it fully, and as I said that will take each of us some time, and not all exactly at the same time, as we each have our own journey to go on, and are having to transmute different amounts of family, cultural and past life issues.) This grid feels bright, vibrantly alive, vibrationally brilliant. It is a joy to connect to and live within.

But instead of the intensity of the ascension process dying down,  the support that we are receiving is gradually growing, so that in a few more years, it won’t seem anything like such a huge effort!! But I still vividly remember the greyness of the old grid, and how difficult I found it to exist within it, as it didn’t have the energetic elements present within it that I needed to sustain me. The new crystalline grid has everything within it that we need to sustain us. It has all the resources, energetically speaking, to support the pieces of the New Earth that are within each of us, and which we can manifest.

The radio show will connect you more deeply to the New Earth Grid, and strengthen your axiatonal lines (your connection as a soul being in physical incarnation to the higher dimensions and the earthly realm below), as our bodies are upgrading, so we need to upgrade our connection above and below. It will also give you some powerful suggestions to manifesting your own special piece of the New Earth.

Blessings are upon you, blessed be, blessed be, blessed be, Amen!!!

Listen to the 30 minutes podcast here



Past life healing sessions

Posted on: April 20th, 2012 by Rachel Goodwin

Past life regression

As a hypnotherapist, I trained in past life regression. Experiencing going back to past lives myself was really interesting, as I could feel when I was regressed to a past life that I was a different person, with different views on life, and different character traits. But what really interested me in working with other people was the potential for healing and healing this life that we’re living in right here and now.

Past life healing

Over the years, as I worked with more of my own and other people’s energy blockages, I found that some of them were linked to past lives, and it was possible to feel what kind of past life events and resulting beliefs were causing the energy blockages. As I worked more and more with my own past lives, I found I could access them just by going into a feeling, or a belief and asking where it had come from. In this way, a whole story would reveal itself to me. I was very interested in working with past lives, and studied many different types of healing techniques and in regressions, I would use the ones that seemed the best fit. When I learnt how to do past life healings with people (and myself) I changed tactics, and learnt to ask spirit what the best way to heal would be, and a healing technique or piece of healing would be given to me.

From 2 hour sessions to one hour

This took my session time down from a two hour session for a past life regression (and which needs to be done in person) to a one hour session, which is usually done by phone/ skype.

This is because in the regression session, clients have to be able to cross the bridge themselves to their past lives, and some people are very good at accessing these kind of altered states of awareness, but not all of us are.

In the past life healing sessions, you tell me about the issue, and from this I can link in. As I psychically access the past life energy that needs healing, we go straight to the cause of the problem, which saves a great deal of time. Once I have made this link, people can access what they need to know much more easily, as I have created the bridge for them. Then I work with my spiritual guides to apply the healing salves that’s needed.

Sometimes, detailed information is needed about the past life (or lives, as often, these sticky and hard work to overcome patterns have been a theme through a number of lives) but often it is the general outline that is more important, and understanding what the issue has been. You get to see where & what your spiritual growth & learning has been. Often, finding the gifts in the situation, reframes the whole energy pattern that’s been causing the block, and it shifts in one move. Or sometimes, a number of weeks of affirmations, journalling, or various healing and self-care practices are needed to completely heal the past life, but again, spirit gives advice that is needed for each person.


For many 2012 is a time when the last piece of the puzzle is dropping into place, and everything transforms. For me this year, I have had a dazzling amount of past lives come up (after not having done any serious work on any for about 5 years now.) Each one has come up and presented itself as very heavy & difficult energies, totally surprising me, as I thought I’d done the work needed. But after working with them one by one as they have come up, I have found that spirit has guided me to re-write and re-frame each one, very easily & effortlessly into something that’s not even a tragedy anymore, (although you might see it as such in human terms) but into something that has revealed its spiritual gift, &  shown a beauty and grace that can only come from the Divine.

My enthusiasm for past life work has been born again & I have been enjoying doing past life healing sessions, helping people move forward in their lives, and clear that old clutter away – actually watching it become something new, shining and bright!!

If you would like to arrange a past life healing session with me, please email me at for available dates.

just what is unity consciousness anyway?!!!

Posted on: January 20th, 2012 by Rachel Goodwin

Just what is unity consciousness and what does it mean?
This is something that I have wondered about, and how exactly it would show up in my everyday life.

How would my life be different if I am in unity consciousness?

I asked Sarah for a channeling to help understand what 2012 is going to be about and find out what she has to say, (the channeling is at the end of this blog)
When I did this channeling, I came to understand why we are being prepared for unity consciousness and why this needs to be one step at a time!
At the moment, in our daily lives, we are able to separate out what we are able to be with, and what we are not able to; what we can’t ‘be with’ gets stored in the subconscious.
The things we are able to accept in our lives are in our conscious mind & memory- we are fully aware of it. Those things/ events/ feelings which we are unable to accept (because they’re too painful or difficult) are taken and placed in the unconscious mind, where they stay until we are ready to accept it, or it manifests in the body through illness.
This very process itself is an unconscious one.
We don’t consciously decide to forget about something which has just happened to us.
If you have had a violent or traumatic event happen to you, you may have experienced this first hand.
Victims of rape or attack often experience memory loss, as the unconscious mind responds to the trauma by placing a hazy and sleeplike energy around the memory and takes it down into the chambers of the subconscious.
This protects the victim from having to suffer the pain of the experience. (but also places it ‘on hold’ and prevents it from healing)
The split between the conscious and the subconscious, of dividing into two, can be seen as a manifestation of the polarity of the physical world we live in.
As we move towards unity consciousness, all that has been held in our own personal subconscious, and also the collective unconscious (that which our collective minds have chosen to not to have an awareness of) is starting to be released.
So we see that which has been hidden, now comes out into the open.
Pain which has before been unacknowledged refuses to stay quiet and erupts into the public arena.
Sarah’s very presence surrounds us in levels of unity consciousness that we have never experienced before.
Therefore that which has been hidden away comes into the light, but also that which we have been unaware of, such as our own divine qualities also come forward and surprise us.
We discover within us, Divine love, Divine joy, Divine abundance, all of these inherent qualities which are part of our true selves.
But to stay in Sarah’s presence then, is the best of times and the worst of times, to our own initial polarity consciousness thinking. To see our own darkness in Sarah’s presence is also to discover our own light, but both must be experienced and held at the same time. No mean feat!
And this is why unity consciousness will not be suddenly thrust upon us!
How many of us have nothing lurking, hidden or repressed in the depths of our subconscious mind?
And that is before considering all the hidden pain and trauma that has also emerged with us through our ancestral lines!!
When we are fully in unity consciousness there will be no separation.
This also means that we will be fully aware of our divine selves.
If right now we were suddenly to become fully conscious of all that is within our subconscious and completely aware of our own divinity, I think many peoples heads would explode!!
However if we discover these things one step at a time, and along with them, discover our own divine qualities and power, also one step at a time, we will not become overwhelmed, but can integrate well all that we are being taught and given, and weave these changes into our very being, becoming into oneness!!
In the courses that I do, I have come upon many many people who are actively engaged in this process of oneness, and have been amazed and grateful to see just how far along others are on this road.
Sarah’s work is to orchestrate this process and allow it to flow smoothly, her presence removing the blocks to integration (which isn’t quite true, her presence brings everything into oneness, then in the sessions and work I facilitate, my job is to help the mind understand that this has happened, which brings the change down through all the realms into the physical, and so the ‘healing’ occurs)

Channelling 05/01/12

Welcome, I am Sarah.
This is a time where you are preparing to come into the light.
This year is a time of preparation.

Prepare yourselves by looking within and finding out what is there.
Don’t go searching about for what you want to find, but be real, be truthful, look to see what is there, and be with it,

Look into your hearts – what do you feel?
Look into your minds – what thoughts are there?
Look at your daily life – what do you notice?

Be with all of these things, notice them daily, write them down, allow it all to be there.

Don’t make yourself wrong for anything that is, you are not wrong for your difficulties.

These are what you have inherited, it is the big soup of the collective consciousness you have been born into and each of you has been given your own ancestral line that is your life’s clay to work with.

And how do you know what to work with?

Listen to your heart – what do you feel?
Listen to your thoughts – what do you hear?
Listen to everything that is going on in your daily life – what is being said to you, what you say.

Become conscious and awake and be objective to what you become aware of; these are the things which you have come to transform.

Everything you need to work with in preparation for the great cosmic shift is already here.
You don’t have to go looking to find it, it is within you right now.

And also within you, is everything you need to transform it, not just for yourself, or for your ancestral line, but for the whole human race, and for the world.

Every piece of work that you do lifts the whole of creation!!

You have come to be here, to feel everything that you feel, to be with everything.

Don’t turn your face away from anything in your life and say that it is negative.

Accept everything, bring it into the fold.

Once it is with you, (and un-separated) then what has been separated can come into oneness with your divinity.
The dark can join with the light, and the light can join with the dark.

Go into your darkness, go down into your despair, move towards the centre of your rage, but do this going in by taking down with you, your divine self; as the two become one (the light and the dark) so healing can occur and you move into unity consciousness.

As we move into the Age of Aquarius, so will we move into unity consciousness.

This means being with everything that is inside us.
Our joy and our pain. Our patience and and our frustration. Our sadness and our serenity.

Everything that we are comes from the Divine Source.
It is only when we separate them out from ourselves, and refuse to accept them, that we lose our at-one-ness, and humanity at present is so split and separated out, that it has a thought form that holds this pattern of behaviour, and it seems ‘normal’ to everyone.

But there is another way, of ‘being’ with everything that you are, with ‘accepting’ all that you feel, with ‘allowing’ it all to be there.

No self-condemnation that it is so, no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ that it is so, no ‘failure’ not to stay in positive thoughts.

In this state of acceptance, it is possible always to have access to your divine self, reaching into the deepest part of your being, the centre of yourself.

If you are despondent, you can reach in and find the love & care inside yourself that is needed to lift yourself out. Take these two things together, the despondency and the care, and you are ‘love in action’. You are ‘doing’ love (and so being the divine made manifest)
If you find yourself angry, accept that this is so, and reach in and gently discover what pain has caused this hurt in you, what needs do you need to be met in order to be comforted? Again, take these two together, the suffering of anger and the action of taking responsibility for yourself, in order to find out why (this is using your divine power), and again you are the divine made manifest upon the earth.

All is well, all is well, all is well.

Everything is well in your life just the way it is.

Nothing has gone wrong that it is so, there have been no divine mistakes, no falls from grace.

All you need for your truest hearts desires is at your fingertips.

It is simply a matter of finding out that it is so, one step at a time.

And you are moving towards this place, of finding that all that you need is already within you, and you are doing it one step at a time.

This is how we move here on the earth plane, first one step then another, then another, then another.

At the hundredth step you are somewhere that would have surprised you at the first, and at the thousandth you are somewhere unbelievable!!

Call on me, I will be there.

I have come to assist you in your work.

I am a catalyst that enables you to find the divine within you; my energy is that of unity consciousness, and so as you can discover your Divinity more easily within my presence, so you can also discover that which you have shut away, your darkness; and as the two are brought together, the dark and the light, in love and healing, so you can more readily feel the presence of your own Divinity, your own Divine Spark, and can see it in the world, even though you may see things that are difficult there, you will be able to understand that the Divine’s perfect plan is built upon a rock, and all of those things which you have considered to be ‘dark’ or ‘wrong’ and not part of the Divine plan, well, you will discover that this is not so at all, and you will discover this by finding that when you are able to go into that which is dark within you, and are able to bring your own divinity to it, then you are taken on a journey of such sweetness, and love, and wholeness, power and strength, that you understand that there is no wound so great in the whole of the universe that it cannot be healed by the love of the Divine Mother, and really there is nothing to be feared of ever again, there is no need to despair of the darkness in the world, the only difficulty is separation. Embrace the darkness, bring your light to it, be love in action. All is well, all is well, all is well.

Blessed Be, Sarah.