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Reset, restart, restore!

Posted on: March 25th, 2016 by Rachel Goodwin


I’ve just been creating a visualisation for the radio show tonight, ‘Reset, restart, restore’.

The reset part is the ‘letting go’ of the old energy, the vibrations that belong to the past, and the thoughtforms that were created from them. The restart part is the connexion to the New Earth grid, the crystalline light that is taking us into the Age of Aquarius. And the restore part, is a restoring to ourselves, I suppose in a way of our Divinity –  we give ourselves permission to ‘dare to dream’ recovering our deepest hearts desires. In one way it’s gaining something new, from the perspective of the life we have had on earth so far, but in another it’s a recovering of something lost, an integral aspect of our being, and so a restoring of ourselves to wholeness.

In this process of ‘daring to dream’, it is Mary Magdalene’s energy that supports us in connecting to our deepest hearts desires, Sarah’s energy that supports us in creating the energy of it, and Master Jesus’s energy that supports us in grounding that desire and making it so. Each of us holds our own piece of the New Earth energy – a way of being of you like, or an energy pattern that wants to express through us. Each of us will do this in a unique way, no one other person can do what the next person can do in  exactly the same way. In ‘daring to dream’ by connecting to our deepest hearts desires we open up to this piece of ourselves that holds the codes for the New Earth, held at the very centre of our being….


But what was quite clear is that the gradual adjustment that lightworkers are making to the New Earth grid, and it is a gradual one – the more we are aligned to the New Earth energy, the more we integrate the energy and transform our physical bodies, cells and DNA so that they also aligned. It’s a big job, and it takes some time. This grid supports all life on earth, it is what sustains the spiritual beings who are living here in physical bodies (that includes the plant, animal and crystal kingdoms) and has been fully operational since 2012. But what was quite clear, was that the intense process that we are in of change is not going to let up. However, we are a good way into the process of being properly connected to the new crystalline grid now and this affords us many opportunities. Opportunities to connect to higher emotional vibrations such as love, patience, joy, peace. Opportunities to connect much more easily to higher thought forms that others have already created such as creating abundance here on earth, conflict resolution, learning how to connect with your guides and angels, sacred relationship and so on. The new earth grid is like a resource centre for daily life, and can be tapped into for help and support in creating a life that is in accordance with the vibrations of the New Age of Aquarius.

In the old grid, things were much tougher. This is the grid that many of us were born into and shaped the physical bodies that we live in now. It is also formed our emotional experiences and memories. As a sensitive energetic being, when I was a child I was acutely aware of the energy that was around me environmentally – not just in my family, culture and country, but also on the earth grid as it existed at that present time. Born in 1970, I found it extremely challenging to be able to cope with being alive, just on a day to day basis in that low level of energy and vibration, and with the dimness of the light available at that time.  Then, the main way to reach, connect to and bring down higher vibrational energies was through sustained individual effort, prayer, chanting, meditation, healing and so on – really by connecting directly to the divine or one of the divine’s heavenly helpers. Now we are being supported by the New Earth grid which exists directly around us. (Or at least we will be fully supported by it, when each of us has individually come fully ‘online’ and plugged in to it fully, and as I said that will take each of us some time, and not all exactly at the same time, as we each have our own journey to go on, and are having to transmute different amounts of family, cultural and past life issues.) This grid feels bright, vibrantly alive, vibrationally brilliant. It is a joy to connect to and live within.

But instead of the intensity of the ascension process dying down,  the support that we are receiving is gradually growing, so that in a few more years, it won’t seem anything like such a huge effort!! But I still vividly remember the greyness of the old grid, and how difficult I found it to exist within it, as it didn’t have the energetic elements present within it that I needed to sustain me. The new crystalline grid has everything within it that we need to sustain us. It has all the resources, energetically speaking, to support the pieces of the New Earth that are within each of us, and which we can manifest.

The radio show will connect you more deeply to the New Earth Grid, and strengthen your axiatonal lines (your connection as a soul being in physical incarnation to the higher dimensions and the earthly realm below), as our bodies are upgrading, so we need to upgrade our connection above and below. It will also give you some powerful suggestions to manifesting your own special piece of the New Earth.

Blessings are upon you, blessed be, blessed be, blessed be, Amen!!!

Listen to the 30 minutes podcast here



Sarah speaks

Posted on: November 25th, 2015 by Rachel Goodwin
Sarah speaks…white-lilies
Welcome to our new 30 minute show ‘Sarah Speaks…’!!
In this episode, Rachel Goodwin introduces her new co-host for ‘Sarah Speaks’, Cheryl Finn, and you will receive Sarah’s blessing, experience a channeling from the Ascended Master Sarah, and hear a teaching about the practice of the 3foldflame. In this practice, we learn how to bring in, and sit within the combined energies of the Master Jesus, Mary Magdalene and their daughter Sarah.


To see the notes for the practice of the 3foldflame

Sarah on amazon

Posted on: January 5th, 2015 by Rachel Goodwin


See Rachel’s Sarah page at

or at

“This beautiful little book is many things…poetic, practical, inspiring, humbling, exciting, profound, magical. Most importantly it’s an invaluable resource for those of us seeking healing and wholeness. In it, through the experience of Rachel Goodwin, we get to know and work with the energies of Ascended Master Sarah and are offered a range of options in how we might apply the techniques she suggests so that we can choose a way forward that best suits us. This book is a gift, a Divine gift, for each one of us and for all of humanity. 
Sarah is a powerful ally to assist us in our healing process as we walk our path into the New Age of Aquarius. Her energy as an Ascended Master acts as a catalyst for evolutionary change, helping us in bringing ourselves and our lives into the energy of the New Age & the New Earth. Sarah is an Ascended Master for the New Age of Aquarius & has a unique & powerful presence which holds the energy of integration. With Sarah by our sides we can integrate all that we are, have been and should be – integrating every aspect of our being!! This includes integrating our Higher Self into our earthly self – empowering us to create the Age of Aquarius from our innermost being, our Divine Selves.
Sarah is offering us her help, and all we have to do is ask! Here for the first time are some of the processes laid out in four easy steps, so you can access Sarah’s healing energies whenever you need to. Once you have learnt to use the techniques in this book, you can move on to working deeper in Sarah’s mysteries.
Rachel Goodwin has been channeling Sarah since 2006 & holds Sarah workshops, online courses & 1:1 sessions. She gives regular Sarah blessing services online, and works to introduce people to Sarah’s beautiful presence.
“…& I say this prayer for healing to encompass all faiths, all religions, all spiritualities, barring no one, no creed; we are all children of the Divine, whatever faith or religion we hold & Sarah also is there for all of us, Blessed Be” (blessing service, 2012)” 

This is my new ebook of channeled information and healing techniques developed through working with Sarah; available as a kindle book on amazon worldwide. You don’t need a kindle to read kindle books, as you can download the software to your pc, tablet or smartphone. Just google ‘download kindle for pc’ or go to…/feature…/ref=kcp_pc_mkt_lnd…

INTRODUCTION: Sarah’s little book of healing


In this book the Divine is given different terms, God, Goddess, but please use any term instead of these that you like to use. All parts highlighted in italics are channelled words from Sarah.

Healing is a process that we’re constantly going through. Our bodies know how to heal themselves. When you cut your finger, you don’t need to do anything, or tell your skin how to heal the wound. We are taught to optimise this healing process by staying in the best condition that we can, by looking after ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

In the same way, our souls know how to heal ourselves spiritually, and by giving ourselves the right conditions and environment, our souls can achieve great feats of healing, whether it is in our relationships, jobs, finances, our well being,  our health and so on.

Sarah is a powerful ally to assist us in our healing process as we walk our path into the New Age of Aquarius.  Her energy as an Ascended Master acts as a catalyst for evolutionary change, helping us move ourselves and our lives into the energy of the New Age of Aquarius. Right now we are letting go of the last age (of Pisces). This is a great work for each of us. We are clearing many things, our past lives and perhaps an even greater work of clearing is that of our ancestral lines. The Divine Feminine energy is being resurrected in western culture, and is restoring to us our healing and intuitive abilities; many are learning to develop their natural psychic and spiritual gifts that are an integral part of our humanity.

But more than this, we are moving into the New Age or Age of Aquarius; a time of balance and harmony. Sarah comes in female form, to show us that equally as the son of God came to save us, now the daughter comes, to teach us how we can heal ourselves, & create from a place of wholeness.  In the archetype of the Christ Sarah, the female form is honoured as sacred, (something which we have been lacking in Western culture), born again in a new story of the Holy Family. In Tau Malachi’s beautiful book ‘The Gospel of St. Mary Magdalene’ he writes,

“Thus according to the Sophian Tradition, St. Mary Magdalene is said to be the soul mate of Lord Yeshua and becomes his closest disciple. Yet more than a disciple, she is said to be his wife & consort, co-equal & co-enlightened with him, and she is a co-preacher of the Gospel. In him, Christ the Logos (word) is embodied and, in her, Christ the Sophia (Wisdom) is embodied. Through their union in the mystery of hieros gamos (the sacred marriage), the Divine fullness of the Christos is revealed.”

In this story of Jesus & Mary Magdalene we can find equality, honour and dignity for women as well as for men; & the blueprint of the profound metaphysical significance contained within the sacred marriage. These ideas and stories are arising now in our culture because they reflect something true and real that is occurring on the inner planes; we are being prepared for our own inner sacred marriage. And as we read & hear these stories something deep within us responds, and we know they speak a truth to us; they also help the process of the sacred marriage to be facilitated within ourselves. From that place of the Divine fullness within us will the Age of Aquarius be created, and Sarah, (who is the result of that sacred marriage) has come to help us make that happen.

In the first four chapters of this book, Sarah’s healing process has been broken down into parts. These are processes that have been given to me & developed in the years that I have worked with Sarah’s guidance & healing energy. The steps as they are laid out are for easy use, but they can be interchanged or used separately. For ‘simple’ issues, you can use these as steps in a therapeutic exercise which you could complete within an hour or so. For more ‘difficult’ or larger issues, you can work with each of these processes, one week at a time. (There are lists in the appendix that show suggested break downs of the steps.)

Healing can be seen as a way of bringing down higher energies or even of bringing God to bear on a situation or issue. Instead of seeing the difficulties & the pain that we experience in our lives as a problem, we can work to shift our perspective & see them as an opportunity which say to us ‘here, we need the healing here’. Then we can connect to the divine part of ourselves/ our soul, or higher self to bring through the healing and wisdom which is needed. It is our difficulties and problems that keep us moving towards the Divine, & we become more light and connect to more of our divinity in ourSelves.

The idea of bringing down energies or of ‘inviting something in’ is a central concept to working with Sarah’s energy. Sarah integrates; she brings things together & provides the framework for our resistances to dissolve. Sarah holds the energy of unity consciousness, of oneness; in her there is no separation. This is a great mystery & as a concept it is not easily explained in our world of polarity. The alchemists of medieval times were fascinated by the synthesis of opposites and the hieros gamos (sacred marriage). Jung’s last book which he took 10 years to write, ‘Mysterium Coniunctionis – an inquiry into the separation and synthesis of psychic opposites in Alchemy’ is devoted to writing about this very thing, ‘The coniunctio is the uniting of separating qualities… The factors which come together in the coniuncto are conceived as opposites, either confronting one another in enmity or attracting one another in love.’ (Jung 1963)

When Sarah’s presence is with us, those things within us that are opposite & separated – male/female, hate/love, light/dark and heaven/earth can unite. She helps us access what is within us as potential; because this energy of unity is already there deep inside us. The synthesis of opposites is for the mind a challenging affair, nevertheless we can access & utilise Sarah’s integrative & healing effect simply by asking her for her help. Inviting Sarah to accompany us gives us a powerful tool to progress on our spiritual journey.

All of the exercises in this book have been used extensively for 1:1 sessions, in groups and workshops, and for online 3 week healing courses working with Sarah’s energies. In the years that I have worked with Sarah’s energy, I have experienced profound and deep changes that have been directly brought about by calling in Sarah. For example, when I did a ‘cutting away’ chant (see meditation links in the appendix) to Sarah for 3 weeks, a relationship of 4 years suddenly came to an end, because Sarah cut the karmic links between me and this person; due to our past life happenings this relationship had caused me no end of guilt and low self-esteem. It was entirely unexpected and I was expecting just the guilt and self-esteem to be cut away, rather than the actual relationship, however when our energy changes and shifts, our lives change and shift in unison.

Sarah is stepping forward now, as an ascended master for the Age of Aquarius. Many of us feel that we are in momentous times in the evolution of the human race. We are moving into a higher vibration and are evolving a new way of how we function in relation to our souls/ higher selves, which is mirrored by changes in our energy bodies.  We are the pioneers of this, and are breaking new ground. However each of us isn’t achieving this singlehandedly. It is the work of the Divine to ‘make this so’, and we are all involved in our own unique & perfect way, all of playing our own unique & perfect part.  Sarah is here to help us with this change, & give us her support.  She is offering to walk by our sides, shining her light down upon our path so we may benefit from her presence.

When we work with Sarah’s energy, we are pioneers, and she is helping us to create something new. We can give birth to new ways of being, directly from the light within us in our hearts & souls. We can find new solutions to old problems. By inviting the dark into the light, and the light into the dark, the fullness of the divinity within us is born.

‘I am Sarah’ channelling

“Welcome all.

I am the Ascended Lady Master Sarah. She who was born to the Master Jesus and The Magdalena, Mary Magdalene.

I have come to tell you of my news, that I am returned here once again, not in physical form, but through conduits, sources of energy, through the hearts of mankind, my light, my power is being given birth to on earth. This birth is happening as we speak, as you read these words, my love, my light, the power that I represent is manifesting onto the physical planes.

These are mysteries which are the Divine’s gift to you, mankind has paid heed to the call; lightworkers across the planet have worked and toiled, struggled and persevered, lifted their hearts and minds in love and joy and so the vibrational energy of the collective consciousness of humanity, and of the earth has risen enough that my arrival has been achieved.

But first, let me explain to you some of what this means.

My energy represents the fusion of and perfect balance between the Christ energy (male) and the Magdalene flame (female). I am these two energies combined to create a third and perfectly balanced, harmonious energy.

This energy has not been present on the earth plane before this moment. In my lifetime, I held the energy, which was born, as I was from the sacred union between my parents. I was the receptacle for this perfect power, but was simply a vessel to hold the power, as it was not the time for this energy to be birthed upon the world.

Since that time, I have held the imprint of the energy within my soul’s pattern, so that one day, when the conditions had been sufficiently met, and all was in place, mankind and all of physical manifestation could be impregnated with this awesome power, through me, the conduit for this power.

This is my work then, to birth this power across the earth, as the Master Jesus held the Christ flame and my mother, Mary Magdalene birthed the Magdalene flame, so I hold my power, which is symbolised by my  flame and I bring it to you, to all of physical manifestation. The timing of this birthing has been designed to coincide with the coming of the Age of Aquarius, and is indeed the energy which will bring about the Age of Aquarius. This power which is being gifted to you is no small thing! Being gifted to you indeed it is, because now it is present upon the earth plane, it is present upon the earth grid, and so is freely available to all with intent to use it.

I have come to help you achieve many things. If it helps you feel more comfortable, you could think of my existence as a metaphor for the perfect joining of two polarities to create a third. No-one can prove of whether or not I ever existed upon the earth, but as a concept of an energy borne from the sacred union of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, I am most believable! I represent the sacred Divinity which is within each of us. I am the awesome power of my Father, and the awesome love of my Mother combined to make a third most incredible power.

Open your hearts and breathe me in, I am there, already, lying dormant, waiting to be awakened. My energy can be seen as the bright green of nature, the colour of spring, new leaves growing on the branches, abundant growth. My father, performed many miracles. I am here to light up your hearts so you can perform those miracles yourself. Remember who you are!

You are the Divine made manifest, the divine clothed in the wonders of matter. It is time to awaken, time to remember; you are not the consciousness of your body and your mind, they are the physical manifestation of you. Each of you is the Divine, birthed into manifestation, given individual consciousness. I have come to help you remember what you already know, to empower you to be the perfect and divine beings that you are. The whole world, the whole universe has been waiting for this moment, and now it is here. I have come, I have come, I am here, I am here. A messenger for the Divine, who wishes for it to be known that the time has come for a message of hope and joy to be spread across the earth.

All is well, all is well, all is well. My power, my light, my love, will grow exponentially upon the earth in the years to come. If you like, you could liken me to the power of Spring, for I have come to usher in a new era, a new beginning not just for humankind but for all of existence. I am new beginnings, new hopes; my power will seem at first to grow slowly but this is because in reality, enormous surges of power will be required to overcome the inertia of the old, of what has been, and help it to flow in a new way, to seek out new pathways.

You can, if you wish, help my flow to gather pace by calling on me, bringing my energy into you, breathing it into you and sending it out to the world, wherever you feel it has need. Or simply calling on me, and grounding me into the earth. And of course you can call on me to manifest in your own life.

In wishing to empower you to be the perfect and divine beings that you are, my energy will help you grow ever towards your highest potential, your greatest possible brilliance at any given moment, your greatest capacity for love, in all things, from the smallest to the greatest act, thought or feeling. There is much that I have come to teach you, much that I have to give, but for now, let it be enough for me to tell you that I am here, I have come. That I am full of joy and love for humanity and manifest creation.

Let your hearts sing and be proud at what you have achieved through the power of your own free will. I am here because of you! You are bringing about the Age of Aquarius. Jubilations to All!!

May love and blessings shower down upon the New Earth, created anew in each moment.

Bright Blessings! Lady Sarah.”

Sarah Speaks..

Posted on: April 16th, 2013 by Rachel Goodwin

I’m often contacted by people who have had a Sarah experience/ feel a connection to her/ or have had information come to them one way or the other that they are Sarah. Whilst this can be a wonderful thing in itself and very uplifting, as a pragmatist, I believe that there is a greater purpose behind these events and more to these Sarah experiences than just the experience itself.

Sarah speaks,

“Each of you has work to do; you are the hands and feet of the Divine here on the Earth. When you have reached the point of being able to connect with my energy, this is a sure sign that you are ready to move on with your work here on the earth. This is the way of the heart, and it is here that you can tap into your next step. What is your deepest hearts desires. What do you long for. What do you wish was different here on the earth. These are the things for you to do. God’s perfect plan is built upon a rock, and it is always those things which we long for which are our remit/ our job to do while we are here. So if you long for cleaner seas/ tune into your heart and ask, ‘what is there for me to do’. Whatever comes will be something which is within your skill set, your range of talents. It may be something which you have struggled to honour, something which in some way seems too small, or too silly to do or be. Or it may be something which seems too big for you, too much of a stretch. We all have our own battles to face and deal with.

Tune into your heart. Listen and respond and honour.

Often Sarah’s words speak of simple things. She speaks to us of what we need to do, how to find what we need, ways of being – all in very simple terms. And yet these are often the things that we find most difficult.

Calling on Sarah’s energies when we do these things then, can make it alot easier, as she lends us her assistance then, and what previously seemed hard or unobtainable now flows and becomes clear.

Chanting is a great way to do this. One chant to Sarah calls upon her :

‘Om and salutations to Sara, the three fold flame, bestow upon us the highest blessings.’
(Om Shree Sah-ra-yei Na-rah-yan-nah Na-moh-stoo-tey)

When we call upon Sarah to give us her blessings, we are asking for the grace of God, so that in each situation, the most divine possibilities may prevail. This may not always turn out as we expect, but this chant will draw towards us (or draw us towards them) the people, places and situations that are for our highest good.

If we chant this chant to Sarah, for the purpose of revealing to us our purpose/ or helping us rediscover our deepest hearts desires then the chant will draw towards us the information that we need (and the people/ places/ situations and so on). So while you’re doing the practice of the chant, notice throughout your day what people say to you, ideas & inspirations that spontaneously come into your head, be aware of what you see and what happens to you. Sarah will speak to you in inspiration or through the world around you.

If you chant this weekly (or several times a week, or even daily), you will bring yourself into alignment of Sarah’s energies and always being in a state of receiving blessings.

When you chant, listen & concentrate upon the sounds of the words that you are chanting. This helps keep you present, and tunes you into the vibration of the chant more strongly. If you find your mind wanders (as in meditating) bring it back, and concentrate upon the chant again.

It can make it easier to have something to chant along to and you can find an audio link which I made at:




Moving into the Age of Aquarius & the alchemy of acceptance..

Posted on: July 12th, 2012 by Rachel Goodwin

The reason I work with Sarah’s energy, and created this website, is because I have found her energy and teachings to be extremely useful, and I believe just connecting up to her energy through your intent can bring in a whole different set of possibilities that just weren’t there before. She represents an archetypal force of the threefoldflame, that hasn’t been here on earth before, and is taking us now into the new Age of Aquarius. Working with Sarah has catapaulted me through many different stages of growth in my life, and has helped me experience a level of consciousness that I never would have got to on my own. In the sessions that I do with clients, I work with the issues that they bring; I tune in psychically to whatever it is they’re working with, and get the ‘whole picture’ energetically. It often feels like a big thing to be working with, and I can  feel the whole thing that the ego struggles with, with believing that nothing can change, that this fear or block or trauma or whatever it is can’t be healed, and then I open up to Sarah for guidance as to what’s needed for healing, and wait a few moments. Then it all comes in, in one single fraction of a second, it’s all there. The shift. The information. The healing. Then I start to speak and guide the client through a process that came in that moment, which is always different, but always ends up the same, in that the issue is shifted and transformed, in a way that helps that client be empowered and spiritually lifted.

That moment where the shift occurs, from ‘not possible’ to ‘possible’, I call the Sarah moment; where one moment there is the heaviness & the burden of life on earth and the particular weight of a particular issue that’s been struggled with and carried along, and the next moment everything has changed to something new.

That’s why I ‘believe’ in her, because it works, I can’t make that shift myself in a second like that, but when I’m working with my own issues or others, I watch it happen over and over again when Sarah is called on to intercede. Often the guidance from Sarah includes a process of connecting to our inner divinity (or higher self), which often makes the shift become something that is grounded into the here and now, and this is again made easy in a single second by the presence of Sarah. She is a catalyst that makes things seem easy, that without her can be consistently hard.

When I started working with Sarah’s energy in 2006, I hadn’t ever read anything about her, and even now 6 years later, I’ve still taken in very little information about her from other sources. Partly this is because I’ve been more interested in what she can do rather than who she is, and partly because for the 6 years I’ve been working with her energy, I’ve had resistance to who she is! However, the resistance I experience is all in the mind; on a soul level I just adore her and don’t give a hoot who she is anyway!! (but also, on a soul level, ‘I know her’) I can’t (& don’t want to) rationalise that, but there it is!!

But from time to time, in the last year, spirit have given me nudges to read this book and that about Christ in one form or another, (left to myself, these aren’t the books that I would be reading, it’s not the stuff my ego/ personality is into) often quite old and out of print books, and I usually read them one page at a time, because they so often resonate with what I’ve been given by spirit that I find it all a bit mind blowing!!  It was a little like this for me years ago, when I was a psychiatric nurse. Later on in my nursing career, I specialised in working psychodymically, and as I started to study psychotherapy and read the theory, I discovered pages and pages of information about things that I already knew – because I had already noticed and experienced and discovered them for myself through observing myself and others, and through the therapeutic work which I’d done with clients.

Now I’m finding that I’m going through a similar process, finding that reading others work & teachings about the Christlight, Jesus & the Magdalene is also how it has appeared to me, and the meaning and significance for us all.

I’m not saying the resistance has all gone, I still mutter under my breath and try and ignore ‘Jesus’ books jumping out of the shelf at me, but I can hear the light of my soul going ‘look at me, look at me, you want to read me, you do, you do’, and I can feel the joy and excitement that comes with it….(I can also see that studying these texts have immense value, just as the many other sacred texts that I’m much more happy studying that belong to world religions)

So if you have resistances to the things your soul is calling you to, don’t worry about it too much. We all have it. Let it be there. But don’t let it run your life. Listen to your soul’s light speaking to you in inspirations, and do the bit you can. I took that book off the shelf, by not letting myself think about it too much.  That was the bit I could do. I didn’t read any of it at the time, just the title. When I got home, I let myself look at a page. The next day another page. I can see why I got the book now I’m reading it page by page. It’s giving me just the confirmation I need right now, and it’s all so synchronitous.

And the fact that I struggle with that, & feel a bit grumpy about it all, rather than jumping around with joy (although, let’s be honest, part of me is) well, that’s just fine. That’s what Sarah has taught me, to let myself be all that I am, accepting everything I feel and think… And in that acceptance (of the dark and the light), an alchemy occurs within me, things change and the world moves on to a brand new day… Of course, there’s reasons and past lives and fear of moving forward and all of those things that build up into resistances, but by accepting it’s there, and letting it be there in a comfortable way, that resistance then has access to all the healing potential I carry within me…

And this is the darkness in Sarah’s picture, so that we can see that whatever darkness there is within the world, within ourselves, there is always the light, waiting for us to be with the dark and the light, so the alchemy occurs, and the world moves on a brand new day, where more possibilities exist that vibrate with the Age of Aquarius than before….

Rachel offers 1:1 sessions via skype & telephone, and also soul coaching sessions working with Sarah’s guidance & healing to help you become more of who you already are, yourSelf here on earth!! just email Rachel at


Sarah’s picture ‘a light unto the world’

Posted on: May 28th, 2012 by Rachel Goodwin

This is more than a beautiful painting – it’s a portal to Sarah’s Divine energies……

The longing for Sarah’s face

Several years ago, I had a longing to see a picture of Sarah, but I couldn’t find any. When I first connected with Sarah’s energies, I ‘saw’ her constantly in my mind’s eye, sometimes I saw her as a young woman, but often I would see her as a green colour; in the same way, when Mary Magdalene was with me, I would see pink, & when the Master Jesus was with me, I would see yellow. But when Sarah connected to me initially, whenever I closed my eyes to go to sleep at night or rest during the day, there she was, green and all!!

I so wanted to see something ‘outside’ of myself that represented Sarah, and wrote to people I knew asking if they could recommend an artist, but no-one I came across felt like the ‘right fit’. Then one month, I had one of  the Sarah channelling’s ‘Being loved’ published in a UK magazine, Paradigm Shift. On the cover, was a picture of a beautiful angel. One evening I was sitting and caught sight of it, and thought ‘oh, I wish somebody like that could do a Sarah painting for me’, and then my next thought was ‘well, why not!!’

The painting comes into being!

I looked excitedly through the magazine to find who had painted it, and found the details of the artist, a lady called Cheryl. I found her website and wrote an email explaining what I was hoping for and attached a channeling I had done which served as a good intro to Sarah, , as I thought I was sending this to someone who had probably never heard of her!!

Very quickly, I had a reply back from Cheryl, she said she would love to do a Sarah painting, and not only had she heard about Sarah, but was a genuine Sarah devotee, and had gone on pilgramage to St. Maries de la Mer (a village in France where they have a crypt dedicated to Sarah). I couldn’t believe it! The synchronicity of it was very exciting and affirming for me!!

Cheryl painted Sarah over the Christmas period, and on Jan 6th 2009, I got the train down to Castle Cary in Somerset to meet Cheryl and collect the painting. I was worried that it was a little dark, I had imagined something brighter, but I could feel straightaway the power of the painting, (Cheryl paints the psychic impressions and visions she receives) so I decided to go with it.

I found out afterwards that the day I received Sarah’s painting was a Christian feast day called Epiphany & (according to the great fount of knowledge that is Wikipedia) it’s a day that represents the celebration of ‘God the sun, as a human being, in Christ’ .

This to me, is exactly the energy that Sarah the Christchild represents, (as she has now taken this mantle from her father and mother) except she is saying now to all of us, as we move into the Age of Aquarius, ‘see the sun within you’ as now she holds out the flame to us in her hand so we might better find the light within us.

Getting the painting home

When I first got the painting home, it has an instant effect on me – it brought up the darkness in me! Boy was I in shock! (When we start to work intensely with Sarah’s energy, this is very common, she takes us into our darkness, so that we can find our light) I’d been watching the BBC’s version of Anne’s Franks diary, and went through several months depression around the Holocaust! My every worst thought and belief about humanity came up. I had my work cut out for me with a lot of clearing to do!! All the time Sarah was by my side.

In those first days, I remember going into my work room, where I had Sarah’s painting hanging up, and I was in such a temper! I was really angry about something (of course, I can’t remember what now) but I was stomping around the room doing things, and wherever I went I could feel Sarah’s eyes looking at me and sending the message  ‘I still love you’, ‘I still love you’ wherever I went in the room! I was so furious at all this compassion I was getting (!!) and I could feel the total steadiness and solidness of her compassion. It never waivered. It was so annoying!!

Since then, I have learnt that this is one of Sarah’s gifts; absolute acceptance, (‘All is welcome here!’)  There is nothing she will turn her face away from; she brings her steady gaze of love to all that we do, all that we are.

Other people who have a print of Sarah’s picture, have also said this to me, that they notice her eyes looking at them, and her eyes sometimes appear as if they are moving! (but always in a way that’s spiritually uplifting I hasten to add :-D

I’ve also found that looking at Sarah’s face, causes me to be with ‘whatever is there’ in me. So if I’m avoiding something, or repressing something, then when I connect with her through the picture, it just comes up, pretty much instantly. So much of what we hold onto, or hold down causes us to lose sight of our true selves, & this effect, although not an easy one to be with sometimes, is a saving grace. Releasing these things (and Sarah’s presence eases the release as she brings to it her gentleness and acceptance) helps resolve the issues that are muddying the waters around us, so we return naturally to our true clear essence. Sometimes when I look at the picture, she says things to me; she tells me things, or asks me to do things!

The flame

The flame that Sarah holds in her hand is a catalyst. When we gaze upon it, it brings up our divine spark more within us, so that it shines more brightly onto our physical being. Each time we do this, it precipitates a new growth phase within us, where we bring more light to the darkness (literally bringing our divine light into the darkness of the material world)

This is not to say that ‘the light’ within us/ the transcendent, is all good, and the ‘darkness’ within us/ the material, is all bad. Far from it. All of it is God/Goddess. But it is within this unification of the light and the dark, that ‘we can know God’, and come to create heaven on earth.

Sarah has come to us now, as we shift into the New Age of Aquarius, and let’s be honest, it is, for most of us a pretty difficult time. Our daily lives are challenging, and the darkness of Sarah’s painting represents to me the times we are living in now. Not that I see this all as woe and misery – not at all! The darkness is the unmolded clay, the raw material of our lives & we have the opportunity now to bring our light to the darkness, (with the most amazing amount of spiritual support around us ever afforded to humanity/ more now than EVER before – if you could see it all, you just wouldn’t believe your eyes!!) , as Sarah is showing us to do in her picture. Sarah is an ascended master guide for the Age of Aquarius, and if we call on her, she will walk by our sides, inspiring us to go within to our inner light. NOW is the time to go within and see what is there, and then bring this light to the world. IN THIS WAY, will we bring about the Age of Aquarius, and the New World!!

‘All is well, all is well, all is well!’

Blessed Be, Amen!

Rachel Goodwin.

p.s Cheryl has a beautiful set of soul oracle cards which has another Sarah picture in there, as well as many other beautiful paintings; you can see them at

p.p.s I have a few A4 fine art prints of the Sarah painting for £15 + P&P (depending on where you live). If you’d like one, just email me (Rachel) on the ‘contact us’ page…

Sarah on all sides!!

Posted on: December 17th, 2011 by Rachel Goodwin


We’re into the third week now of our course ‘Sarah and healing our self-esteem’, and what a time it has been!
We’ve been working with Sarah’s symbol, doing affirmations for self-esteem, chants for self-worth, prayers, and exercises for forgiveness. I’ve been working away at the programme along with the rest of the group, and Sarah has been overlighting all of our healing processes with her divine presence. So much has been, and is being ‘lifted’ from us in the group, and I feel I’m really experiencing divine grace in action…

Each week, I’ve been sending out Sarah’s ‘blessings’ to the group (this is a way of transmitting Sarah’s energy), and each time it’s been completely different but had a definite theme each time; gentle grace, strength and this was one week’s email out to the group:


“Dear all, last nights blessing had a very different feel about it. Last week was gentle and full of grace, this week it was focused and strong. There was such strength there, it was amazingly and awesomely strong!
To me it felt like energy to wake us up to just how powerful we are, I really felt that. (so the strength is what is inside us)
I can’t say my mind has caught up with it yet, but I usually find with these things, that the energy comes first and then everything else gets dragged along with it.
So expect some changes this week! (the wind of change is in the air!!)
Of course I know with the blessings, that we all receive what we need…”

And it has been an honour to behold, the power and strength, grace and beauty coming through to each member of the group, as we all let go of what we no longer need, and find all of these wonderful qualities inside ourselves!!

Last week we did a forgiveness exercise, and after I had this email from a lady called Ginny in the group,

“Something quite magical happened to me after I’d finished the Forgiveness exercise on Saturday! The doorbell rang and there was my 90 year old neighbour standing on the doorstep, a lovely guy called Arthur. He bowed and then presented me with a beautiful light pink rose, just the colour of the heart chakra! He’s never done anything like this before and the timing was just perfect! The rose was so beautiful I took a photo.” (which is the photo at top of blog)

I loved the synchronicity of this, and I noticed straight away the three buds – Sarah often shows herself in 3’s as she holds the energy of the threefoldflame; you can see a channelling which talks about this

…So Sarah’s energy has been overlighting our work, showing her presence in special ways.
And of course, working with self-esteem can mean some difficult things come up, but Sarah’s energy seeps through everything, so her light and joy emerges in the darkest of times!!

This has shown itself in the 1:1 sessions each person has had with me and Sarah, and we have removed ancient blocks, healed our inner children, loved ourselves and brought back parts of our souls and re-membered our Divine Selves.
But no matter how difficult and dark some of the issues have been that have come up, the gentle love, the Divine grace, the brightness of ourSelves, the forgiveness in understanding; in the face of these gifts, the darkness becomes something to be held and loved once again, bearable in it’s wholeness. Sarah holds the light and the dark within unity consciousness; you can see more about this!_Why_Sarah_is_here_and_what_she_

So with each session comes a profound joy for me, as I experience Sarah; her love and beautiful light and her grounded and womanly wisdom.
She knows what it is to be human, and has a special joy and delight in helping us to empower ourselves.
Her whole presence empowers, and helps us to be more of who we are!

The learning for me is very deep too, as I see the strength, power and wisdom in others, so I see it in myself, and have realised that I have much to value in myself, even though I am currently living and moving amongst many that have masters degrees as a minimum qualification, and Phd’s coming out of their ears (and here’s me with my little diplomas in nursing and hypnotherapy!)

So this has been my biggest realisation on this self-esteem course so far, that like Sarah, it too is my joy to be able to facilitate greater self-esteem in others, and bring about greater self-empowerment.
That the gifts I have been given to tune into another’s awareness and energy body, and sense there the issues, that need healing brought to them, and the ability I have to hold Sarah’s energy around us, as we complete this process; that now is the time for me to honour and appreciate them – as all of the group are finding what is special within them, finding their strength, so I am too.

We are finding ourSelves!

And this is perhaps where our self-esteem comes from I think, seeing what is already there, seeing the truth, seeing our own beauty.
Seeing ourSelves.

And that was the message for me, in the rose above, and that’s what I wrote to Ginny,

“and Sarah is on all sides, (in the 3 buds) and I just want to point out one more time, that that beautiful rose in the centre
– IS YOU!!”

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