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Moving into the Age of Aquarius & the alchemy of acceptance..

Posted on: July 12th, 2012 by Rachel Goodwin

The reason I work with Sarah’s energy, and created this website, is because I have found her energy and teachings to be extremely useful, and I believe just connecting up to her energy through your intent can bring in a whole different set of possibilities that just weren’t there before. She represents an archetypal force of the threefoldflame, that hasn’t been here on earth before, and is taking us now into the new Age of Aquarius. Working with Sarah has catapaulted me through many different stages of growth in my life, and has helped me experience a level of consciousness that I never would have got to on my own. In the sessions that I do with clients, I work with the issues that they bring; I tune in psychically to whatever it is they’re working with, and get the ‘whole picture’ energetically. It often feels like a big thing to be working with, and I can  feel the whole thing that the ego struggles with, with believing that nothing can change, that this fear or block or trauma or whatever it is can’t be healed, and then I open up to Sarah for guidance as to what’s needed for healing, and wait a few moments. Then it all comes in, in one single fraction of a second, it’s all there. The shift. The information. The healing. Then I start to speak and guide the client through a process that came in that moment, which is always different, but always ends up the same, in that the issue is shifted and transformed, in a way that helps that client be empowered and spiritually lifted.

That moment where the shift occurs, from ‘not possible’ to ‘possible’, I call the Sarah moment; where one moment there is the heaviness & the burden of life on earth and the particular weight of a particular issue that’s been struggled with and carried along, and the next moment everything has changed to something new.

That’s why I ‘believe’ in her, because it works, I can’t make that shift myself in a second like that, but when I’m working with my own issues or others, I watch it happen over and over again when Sarah is called on to intercede. Often the guidance from Sarah includes a process of connecting to our inner divinity (or higher self), which often makes the shift become something that is grounded into the here and now, and this is again made easy in a single second by the presence of Sarah. She is a catalyst that makes things seem easy, that without her can be consistently hard.

When I started working with Sarah’s energy in 2006, I hadn’t ever read anything about her, and even now 6 years later, I’ve still taken in very little information about her from other sources. Partly this is because I’ve been more interested in what she can do rather than who she is, and partly because for the 6 years I’ve been working with her energy, I’ve had resistance to who she is! However, the resistance I experience is all in the mind; on a soul level I just adore her and don’t give a hoot who she is anyway!! (but also, on a soul level, ‘I know her’) I can’t (& don’t want to) rationalise that, but there it is!!

But from time to time, in the last year, spirit have given me nudges to read this book and that about Christ in one form or another, (left to myself, these aren’t the books that I would be reading, it’s not the stuff my ego/ personality is into) often quite old and out of print books, and I usually read them one page at a time, because they so often resonate with what I’ve been given by spirit that I find it all a bit mind blowing!!  It was a little like this for me years ago, when I was a psychiatric nurse. Later on in my nursing career, I specialised in working psychodymically, and as I started to study psychotherapy and read the theory, I discovered pages and pages of information about things that I already knew – because I had already noticed and experienced and discovered them for myself through observing myself and others, and through the therapeutic work which I’d done with clients.

Now I’m finding that I’m going through a similar process, finding that reading others work & teachings about the Christlight, Jesus & the Magdalene is also how it has appeared to me, and the meaning and significance for us all.

I’m not saying the resistance has all gone, I still mutter under my breath and try and ignore ‘Jesus’ books jumping out of the shelf at me, but I can hear the light of my soul going ‘look at me, look at me, you want to read me, you do, you do’, and I can feel the joy and excitement that comes with it….(I can also see that studying these texts have immense value, just as the many other sacred texts that I’m much more happy studying that belong to world religions)

So if you have resistances to the things your soul is calling you to, don’t worry about it too much. We all have it. Let it be there. But don’t let it run your life. Listen to your soul’s light speaking to you in inspirations, and do the bit you can. I took that book off the shelf, by not letting myself think about it too much.  That was the bit I could do. I didn’t read any of it at the time, just the title. When I got home, I let myself look at a page. The next day another page. I can see why I got the book now I’m reading it page by page. It’s giving me just the confirmation I need right now, and it’s all so synchronitous.

And the fact that I struggle with that, & feel a bit grumpy about it all, rather than jumping around with joy (although, let’s be honest, part of me is) well, that’s just fine. That’s what Sarah has taught me, to let myself be all that I am, accepting everything I feel and think… And in that acceptance (of the dark and the light), an alchemy occurs within me, things change and the world moves on to a brand new day… Of course, there’s reasons and past lives and fear of moving forward and all of those things that build up into resistances, but by accepting it’s there, and letting it be there in a comfortable way, that resistance then has access to all the healing potential I carry within me…

And this is the darkness in Sarah’s picture, so that we can see that whatever darkness there is within the world, within ourselves, there is always the light, waiting for us to be with the dark and the light, so the alchemy occurs, and the world moves on a brand new day, where more possibilities exist that vibrate with the Age of Aquarius than before….

Rachel offers 1:1 sessions via skype & telephone, and also soul coaching sessions working with Sarah’s guidance & healing to help you become more of who you already are, yourSelf here on earth!! just email Rachel at


Past life healing sessions

Posted on: April 20th, 2012 by Rachel Goodwin

Past life regression

As a hypnotherapist, I trained in past life regression. Experiencing going back to past lives myself was really interesting, as I could feel when I was regressed to a past life that I was a different person, with different views on life, and different character traits. But what really interested me in working with other people was the potential for healing and healing this life that we’re living in right here and now.

Past life healing

Over the years, as I worked with more of my own and other people’s energy blockages, I found that some of them were linked to past lives, and it was possible to feel what kind of past life events and resulting beliefs were causing the energy blockages. As I worked more and more with my own past lives, I found I could access them just by going into a feeling, or a belief and asking where it had come from. In this way, a whole story would reveal itself to me. I was very interested in working with past lives, and studied many different types of healing techniques and in regressions, I would use the ones that seemed the best fit. When I learnt how to do past life healings with people (and myself) I changed tactics, and learnt to ask spirit what the best way to heal would be, and a healing technique or piece of healing would be given to me.

From 2 hour sessions to one hour

This took my session time down from a two hour session for a past life regression (and which needs to be done in person) to a one hour session, which is usually done by phone/ skype.

This is because in the regression session, clients have to be able to cross the bridge themselves to their past lives, and some people are very good at accessing these kind of altered states of awareness, but not all of us are.

In the past life healing sessions, you tell me about the issue, and from this I can link in. As I psychically access the past life energy that needs healing, we go straight to the cause of the problem, which saves a great deal of time. Once I have made this link, people can access what they need to know much more easily, as I have created the bridge for them. Then I work with my spiritual guides to apply the healing salves that’s needed.

Sometimes, detailed information is needed about the past life (or lives, as often, these sticky and hard work to overcome patterns have been a theme through a number of lives) but often it is the general outline that is more important, and understanding what the issue has been. You get to see where & what your spiritual growth & learning has been. Often, finding the gifts in the situation, reframes the whole energy pattern that’s been causing the block, and it shifts in one move. Or sometimes, a number of weeks of affirmations, journalling, or various healing and self-care practices are needed to completely heal the past life, but again, spirit gives advice that is needed for each person.


For many 2012 is a time when the last piece of the puzzle is dropping into place, and everything transforms. For me this year, I have had a dazzling amount of past lives come up (after not having done any serious work on any for about 5 years now.) Each one has come up and presented itself as very heavy & difficult energies, totally surprising me, as I thought I’d done the work needed. But after working with them one by one as they have come up, I have found that spirit has guided me to re-write and re-frame each one, very easily & effortlessly into something that’s not even a tragedy anymore, (although you might see it as such in human terms) but into something that has revealed its spiritual gift, &  shown a beauty and grace that can only come from the Divine.

My enthusiasm for past life work has been born again & I have been enjoying doing past life healing sessions, helping people move forward in their lives, and clear that old clutter away – actually watching it become something new, shining and bright!!

If you would like to arrange a past life healing session with me, please email me at for available dates.

1:1 sessions and a new energy body for the Age of Aquarius!

Posted on: March 1st, 2012 by Rachel Goodwin

New Energy
Working with Sarah in the one to one sessions, I never know what will happen from each session to the next! It feels to me, that the work is always changing and growing and ‘going up a level’.
I’ve ‘seen’ that Sarah holds the template to our new energy body that exists for the Age of Aquarius. I’ve also been told that it was Christ that originally anchored this energy body onto the earth. At the moment of his death, it passed over to Sarah.
This template is like an upgraded version of the energy body that we live in at the moment. It’s more difficult to manage (just like driving a super fast sports car), and it’s more sensitive, and it has to have the right conditions in order to ‘come in’. Bringing this ‘Age of Aquarius energy body’ in, means that we have to be living in our truth and integrity. Any distortions (from not living in our truth), will block the energy body being able to be anchored on the earth plane. It’s a challenge!
I’ve realised bit by bit, that all the work I’m doing with Sarah, is about bringing this energy body in. In the one to one telephone sessions I do, often I’m working with people’s issues and difficulties, such as we all have. I pick these up in the energy body, and help each person work with them, by bringing through the guidance & healing that comes from Sarah. She also creates the space which allows the work to take place. Just inviting her presence in means that incredible shifts can take place. Also she can be called on (if you’re ready!), to dissolve blocks/ beliefs etc in an instant; often those that have haunted you for what seems like a lifetime (and sometimes beyond!). She’s really challenging us (& me!) to believe in the power of miracles!

Each shift that happens in the one to one sessions, takes someone further in their personal and spiritual growth. It’s an honour for me to behold, as I can ‘see’ the incredible wisdom & beauty, and the ancient depth of experience that lies within the soul of each person that I work with. It’s very heartening & humbling for me to have this experience, to experience others in the centre of their being, and to see their divinity.

But going back to the sessions, often it is the stumbling blocks, that draw people to have a session with Sarah and myself. And it’s been my experience, that through going into these difficulties, and being with them, in all senses of the words, allows these most incredible shifts to take place. Through these shifts, people not only unblock their energy and chakra systems, and gain access to spiritual qualities within them, (such as joy, peace, playfulness, strength, love and so on), but they also shift their energy matrix profoundly in each session, and moving each time closer to the moment where the shift will take place where this new energy body comes into manifestation.

I also offer sessions to directly bring in this energy body. I discovered the way to do this through working with people in healing sessions, and through information I was being given through channeling. By going up into ‘highness’, I’m able to access the place where the template is held. The Elohim (huge angelic beings), bring the template down through the dimensions until they hover with it, just outside of that persons energy field. The presence of this new, incredibly high energy template, triggers ‘all that is not in accordance with the Divine Will’ within that person. My job is then to work systematically through that person’s energy body, clearing, transforming, and re-weaving the energy body, until it has taken on a new way of flow that will allow the new template to be anchored. Sarah anchors it in through the earth star, anchoring it firmly in place.
After the session then, the process will continue (in the weeks, months and years ahead), as the template moves down through each of the different energy bodies, finally coming down to the physical. The person has to integrate each part of the process, doing the work necessary in the mental, emotional, etheric and physical realms, as the template moves down through each one, bringing about changes. Sometimes, after a year or two of working with the changes, one more session is needed to help that person fully ground the template. It’s a powerful process indeed!! We are the pioneers and the forerunners for holding these templates (I see the hardware that holds this template in place which is a grid) and it is amazing work!!
Each person’s process will be different, as the template will manifest perfectly in the right time, and right pace for that person to work with it, without becoming overwhelmed. However, generally the growth will be always on the edge of the limit for that person, just right at the outer edges of what they can handle – this is because people choosing this process have chosen to be on an accelerated path, being ‘wayshowers’ for others, and have generally not opted for an easy, laidback approach!
Because this can be a difficult and challenging path, often with emotional and mental stress, I help people ‘tune in’ to see if it is their ‘truest hearts desire’ to bring in their template at this time, and recommend that someone feels ready and able to deal with the challenges that (may) come up.
Of course, I can’t say that this is how it is for everybody, as we are all on very different paths and in very different processes, but through the ‘tuning in’ together, as to whether this is the right next step for someone, it’s possible to quickly find out if it’s the right next step.

The telephone (or skype) sessions are for an hour, and do a piece of the work at a time. Sometimes, we are guided to have two or three sessions, sometimes one is perfect. I actually prefer to do these sessions on the phone (or using a voice call on skype), as it allows me to ‘tune in’ entirely to the energy of the situation; everything I ‘see’ is what is given to me and I’m not distracted by anything.

The new template sessions however, really require the person to be present.
I have done them at a distance, but have come to prefer to do it in person. I go into the process so deeply, working through all the layers of that person’s being and travelling through all of the dimensions; I’m really working in trance, and so prefer to have the person there physically, as it grounds the whole process. I think because I am working in ‘highness’ and then bringing it through to the physical, and am at the opposite ends of the scale (although paradoxically, when you go to the highest of the high, and into the depths and centre of your being – you discover they’re the same place!!) it feels much better to have the person there in their actual physical body!!!!

The vision I have been given is that it is this new energy body that humanity is manifesting that will bring the Age of Aquarius into being! There are different ways of bringing this energy body into being and the work I’m doing is just one of them!!
I’ve seen a new earth grid coming into being, and all sorts of amazing changes going on in the ‘wiring’ and ‘software’ of the earth, but to really bring the Age of Aquarius into the physical, it’s down to us human beings to bring in the changes.
Through having a new & upgraded energy body, we will be able to bring in the level of high vibration required for us to create the New Age. We are the hands and feet of the Divine upon the earth. The angels and ascended masters, and all of the light beings from other realms are all pouring through love & light by the billionfold upon us, however, it is us, and only us that can anchor the divine light into our lives and manifest the age of aquarius through humanity.

Sarah is an ascended master guide for the Age of Aquarius, and she is here to work alongside us in our process. Just by calling in her presence, her very energy will catalyse your process, causing a pressure for what is ‘real’ to come forward, and all that is ‘not real’, to fall away. We can achieve huge amounts (miracles even!), with Sarah at our side, and in many of the channellings I have done from Sarah, she has ended by saying, ‘Blessings are upon you, each and every moment of the day’
I used to think that this meant, that if we could only allow it, then lovely things would happen to us all day long!
Now, I see it as, all things that are in our lives, are there by Divine Will, and have a blessing within each of them, if only we allow ourselves to see it!!!

Blessings are upon you, each and every moment of your life!!
Blessed be, blessed be, blessed be. Amen!