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Articles and Channellings

The channellings presented here are all concerned with Sarah’s work and teachings. Each channelling brings through a particular wisdom & teaching, not only in words but also in the energy it holds. The different presences, who all work in glorious co-creation and harmony with Sarah, have chosen to bring through and teach on their own speciality, and are able to give their own unique perspective. The channellings represent a body of work that is multi-layered and can be read many times, each time receiving something new.

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Sarah, The Ascended Master Sarah who? – Why Sarah is here, and what she has come to teach us!
this article is about Sarah, daughter of Mary Magdalene & the Master Jesus, and talks about her role as empowerer and guide for the Age of Aquarius, and also the archetypal energy of integration and unity that she represents.

Sara La Kali – Blessings, I am Sarah June 2010
This is one of the names that Sarah goes by, and means Sarah the Black; it holds a key to Sarah’s archetypal energy. In this channelling, Sarah talks about alchemizing all that is dark and light within us, and calls for us to honour all that is within our lives, holding all things sacred.

Being Loved – Lady Sarah Mar 2008
Radiating through the Divine Femine presence, Sarah gives us a daily practice for ‘being loved’.

All is Well – Lady Lucia Jan 2008
One of Sarah’s central teachings and a profound spiritual practice, Lady Lucia, Queen of Light gives us an angelic perspective.

The Centre of YourSelves – Lady Sarah May 2007
Sarah shows us how to reach our ‘true’ selves, our Divinity, and manifest it in physical form.

I am Sarah – Lady Sarah Apr 2007
In this channelling, Sarah introduces herself and the work she has come to do.