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Crop circles & moving into the Age of Aquarius!

Posted on: August 10th, 2012 by Rachel Goodwin

Last month I visited this crop circle next to Silbury Hill (nr Avebury stone circle). It was an uplifting experience for me that I really enjoyed, and the energies around the whole area felt so beautiful and light since I last visited 9/10 years ago. I asked Sarah for a channeling around crop circles, and this is what came through, enjoy :-)

You can view the lastest crop circles in the UK and around the world at

Blessings be upon us, Blessed Be. I am Sarah, daughter of the Magdalene & the Master Jesus.
Today, I would speak to you of the help that is surrounding you at this present time.
It is true that you are moving into a New Age where you will learn how to shift into your new position in the universe, for I tell you that we are all going up a step. Each realm that each of us occupies now is shifting up vibrationally, we are all going into new realms, and will find new scope for learning & for working in. Humanity is being challenged at this time to become masters of themselves and the world in which they live. They are being challenged to learn how to create from the centre of themSelves, from their Divinity. No longer is the future mapped out for you, there no longer exists a pre-destined energy matrix of events which it is within your free will to take or not. Instead everything that happens in your realm will be created by you. The energy matrix of events which determines what happens and how things go, will be born directly out of you. Whatever is within you, will be without of you. Now some of you might say that this is what has happened already, but this is not so. The Divine and the higher realms such as the angelic realms and ascended master realms and so on, have been able to implement energy matrices to influence events, in a way so as to cause ‘pre-destiny’, (although free will has never been done away with, free will is always the first law) but as you move into the Age of Aquarius, it will no longer be so. The safety nets will be off as it were. But I tell you these things, not to frighten you, but so that you understand that a greater responsibility is being given to you. And not only you, it is also the whole of creation that is going through this change. All of the realms above you and below you are also going through this change, of going up to the next vibration in reality. Everything in creation, seen & unseen is going through this change.
What will it mean for you? That the future is a blank page for you create upon as your higher selves see fit. Everything that comes in your world will have come from within you. But that is not to say that you will have no assistance.
Right now, upon the earth, energies from the outer worlds are being impressed upon your planet, and activated into the earth grid. These ‘crop circles’ are a gift from your brothers & sisters in the galaxies around you that wish to help you in your progression. They rejoice in your spiritual growth, and give these energies willingly and without expectation of return. Each time one of you physically places yourself into these crop circles, you help anchor and ground these energies into the earth grid (because you are of the earth/ made from the earth), and so you help the earth to take these into herself, by also taking it into the collective consciousness of humanity (as each of you is connected to the whole). Only go to those crop circles that call to you. Do not allow your mind to dictate to you what seems interesting. Your mind is very good at ‘making things so’, but it is your higher/ deeper senses that have the information you need to make these decisions. Do not rush around visiting many crop circles at once. Tune into your body, and see what feels good there as you contemplate each circle that is available for you to visit. Your body knows, and is your highest wisdom. It cannot lie to you. It only knows what it feels. The energy within each circle is profound and beyond your earthly comprehension. Being in one circle has the potential to shift and dissolve whole patterns and constructs within your ego self, that may have been held within you and your ancestral line for eons. So be very careful about visiting more than one circle at a time, until you have had time to process the changes that it seeks to wrought within you. Make each visit as deep and complete as you have the time and resources to do. Take time to sit or lie within the crop circle and talk to it as if it were a living thing (which it is, all things within God’s universe has a consciousness) Ask it why it is there, what it has come to do, what message it has to give you, and finally when you have received all this, ask it if there is one thing that you can do in return for it in the world. Because all of these living consciousnesses (or thought forms) of the crop circles have the intent to do good in the world and for earth, and so they will be very happy if you ask them for a task which you can do, as then you are helping it to carry out it’s task and complete it’s mission for which it was created.
As humanity continues to grow and progress, it will learn how to harness the powers that exist within creation. For miracles are not done by you, but through you, and so it was with the master Jesus, and has been by all the great masters in the world, male & female, that they learnt how to harness the power of the Divine, and become the channel through which it flowed.
This age you are moving into will be your learning ground, and you have many generations to discover the great potential that is within you. Do not fear that you are not up to the task. It is within you to be all things as you are all things. You are the Divine made manifest upon the earth, and the Divine is all powerful and all healing. The Divine will find out the way against any barrier, any obstacle. All is well little ones, all is well, all is well.
And blessings be to our brethren of the starry skies, who love the earth as we do.
Blessed Be, Blessed Be, Blessed Be,
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© Rachel Goodwin 2012

Rachel Goodwin is a channel & healer with the ascended master Sarah, daughter of the Magdalene & Master Jesus.

Sarah is an ascended master guide for the Age of Aquarius and is working with the Earth and humanity to assist us in our process of ascension, and in manifesting our Higher Selves here on earth.

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