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Sarah Immersion

Jan 1st until Jan 21st 2018

Sarah’s energies encourage us towards wholeness in all aspects of our being. Perhaps there’s something that you would like to feel more connected to, more integrated with, and more whole (or holy!), in your life – your spiritual self, money, work, loving relationships? It could be really be anything where you feel ‘a hole’, split or separation of some kind.

Each week Rachel will provide a link to a Sarah immersion video, where you can sit and bathe in Sarah’s energies. Her energies are integrating, healing, and purifying. Additionally, and if you choose to, you can focus on a specific issue in your life that you can work with during the 3 weeks. Rachel will give daily practices (mon-fri! weekends are free) for you to work with. You can choose to engage in as many, or as few of the exercises and practices as you choose, but you will always be being held in the energy of Sarah’s embrace, while you work within the program.

In the second week, Rachel will give each person a ‘mini-reading’, using the Sarah oracle cards that she is working with, that will offer Sarah teachings and insight, to support and empower you in your personal and spiritual growth.

The recordings will not be aired live, although they will be made each week, and you can follow the work at your own pace.

Cost of Sarah 3 week immersion course – £60, $95 or by donation.

To join, please email Rachel at

Rachel is a channel and healer working with the ascended master Sarah, to see more of her work go to

Rachel has also published ‘Sarah’s little book of Healing’, which also has a suggested 3 week healing journey: available at amazon worldwide including