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Sarah on all sides!!

Posted on: December 17th, 2011 by Rachel Goodwin


We’re into the third week now of our course ‘Sarah and healing our self-esteem’, and what a time it has been!
We’ve been working with Sarah’s symbol, doing affirmations for self-esteem, chants for self-worth, prayers, and exercises for forgiveness. I’ve been working away at the programme along with the rest of the group, and Sarah has been overlighting all of our healing processes with her divine presence. So much has been, and is being ‘lifted’ from us in the group, and I feel I’m really experiencing divine grace in action…

Each week, I’ve been sending out Sarah’s ‘blessings’ to the group (this is a way of transmitting Sarah’s energy), and each time it’s been completely different but had a definite theme each time; gentle grace, strength and this was one week’s email out to the group:


“Dear all, last nights blessing had a very different feel about it. Last week was gentle and full of grace, this week it was focused and strong. There was such strength there, it was amazingly and awesomely strong!
To me it felt like energy to wake us up to just how powerful we are, I really felt that. (so the strength is what is inside us)
I can’t say my mind has caught up with it yet, but I usually find with these things, that the energy comes first and then everything else gets dragged along with it.
So expect some changes this week! (the wind of change is in the air!!)
Of course I know with the blessings, that we all receive what we need…”

And it has been an honour to behold, the power and strength, grace and beauty coming through to each member of the group, as we all let go of what we no longer need, and find all of these wonderful qualities inside ourselves!!

Last week we did a forgiveness exercise, and after I had this email from a lady called Ginny in the group,

“Something quite magical happened to me after I’d finished the Forgiveness exercise on Saturday! The doorbell rang and there was my 90 year old neighbour standing on the doorstep, a lovely guy called Arthur. He bowed and then presented me with a beautiful light pink rose, just the colour of the heart chakra! He’s never done anything like this before and the timing was just perfect! The rose was so beautiful I took a photo.” (which is the photo at top of blog)

I loved the synchronicity of this, and I noticed straight away the three buds – Sarah often shows herself in 3’s as she holds the energy of the threefoldflame; you can see a channelling which talks about this

…So Sarah’s energy has been overlighting our work, showing her presence in special ways.
And of course, working with self-esteem can mean some difficult things come up, but Sarah’s energy seeps through everything, so her light and joy emerges in the darkest of times!!

This has shown itself in the 1:1 sessions each person has had with me and Sarah, and we have removed ancient blocks, healed our inner children, loved ourselves and brought back parts of our souls and re-membered our Divine Selves.
But no matter how difficult and dark some of the issues have been that have come up, the gentle love, the Divine grace, the brightness of ourSelves, the forgiveness in understanding; in the face of these gifts, the darkness becomes something to be held and loved once again, bearable in it’s wholeness. Sarah holds the light and the dark within unity consciousness; you can see more about this!_Why_Sarah_is_here_and_what_she_

So with each session comes a profound joy for me, as I experience Sarah; her love and beautiful light and her grounded and womanly wisdom.
She knows what it is to be human, and has a special joy and delight in helping us to empower ourselves.
Her whole presence empowers, and helps us to be more of who we are!

The learning for me is very deep too, as I see the strength, power and wisdom in others, so I see it in myself, and have realised that I have much to value in myself, even though I am currently living and moving amongst many that have masters degrees as a minimum qualification, and Phd’s coming out of their ears (and here’s me with my little diplomas in nursing and hypnotherapy!)

So this has been my biggest realisation on this self-esteem course so far, that like Sarah, it too is my joy to be able to facilitate greater self-esteem in others, and bring about greater self-empowerment.
That the gifts I have been given to tune into another’s awareness and energy body, and sense there the issues, that need healing brought to them, and the ability I have to hold Sarah’s energy around us, as we complete this process; that now is the time for me to honour and appreciate them – as all of the group are finding what is special within them, finding their strength, so I am too.

We are finding ourSelves!

And this is perhaps where our self-esteem comes from I think, seeing what is already there, seeing the truth, seeing our own beauty.
Seeing ourSelves.

And that was the message for me, in the rose above, and that’s what I wrote to Ginny,

“and Sarah is on all sides, (in the 3 buds) and I just want to point out one more time, that that beautiful rose in the centre
– IS YOU!!”

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