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‘No matter how difficult your situation seems ask to be shown the gift that is within it’.

Posted on: September 23rd, 2014 by Rachel Goodwin

WP_20140815_010This month’s blessing gave me some food for thought. At first glance it can seem a bit of a gloomy message from Sarah, ‘No matter how difficult your situation seems, ask to be shown the highest possible purpose for that situation or to be shown the gift that is within it’.

Firstly, it seems a bit gloomy, because, come on, we’re not always having difficult situation in our lives!! Sometimes things even go quite smoothly for a while!! And secondly, when ‘difficult’ things come up (as they always do!) perhaps we would rather focus on thinking positively & changing our situation rather than (as Sarah’s message seems to suggest) being in it, and accepting it enough to ask to be shown what it’s there for. It has been my experience though, that working with this concept as a spiritual practice and allowing the situation to be as it is without judging it whilst at the same time praying to be shown what it is one needs to heal/ learn/ know. That this then leads to the situation/ event/ issue being alchemized in a most powerful way, from the inside out. It’s not always the quickest way out, and can require some patience and trust in the universe – or at least a willingness that these things can be developed!!

Ah yes, it’s always easy to see these things in hindsight and after the event, at the time of difficulty, one cannot know that one day it will be over and life will get easier again.

Here’s some words from Sarah about it

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