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One to One Sessions

1:1 Sarah Sessions – 1hr session £60 / $95


Sarah moves you forward on your spiritual path; you receive what you need so how this is done in each individual session is different. Sometimes it is by making changes & reweaving your energy body, sometimes by channeling teachings & information, and sometimes it is through healing. Sessions available internationally by skype or possibly ‘phone (please check with me first)

Also available as 1:1 sessions working with Sarah’s energy and channeled guidance:

GB £60.00

GB Pounds

US $95.00

US Dollars




Your New Energy Body Template for the Age of Aquarius –
90mins / 180mins session £120

These sessions are big pieces of work! Sarah holds the template for our energy bodies for the Age of Aquarius and is ready to work with us now to manifest them on the earth plane.

During the session, Rachel will go up into ‘highness’ where your template is held, and the Elohim will bring the template down to manifest reality. Rachel will work with her guides to bring your energy body into alignment so that the template can be received, and anchored here by Sarah. Read More…

These sessions need to be done in person. Before booking a session and to find out whether it’s a good time for you to do this work, you & Rachel will ‘tune in’ to your souls guidance.


I can honestly say that having a session with Rachel was amazing. It was the most profound healing I have ever had. As soon as it started I felt a sense of calm, reassurance and ease which dispelled the dis-ease I was feeling with such gentle soft energy. The effects have lasted and I am now more focused, relaxed and definately moving in the right direction. I had never heard of Sarah coming through before meeting Rachel, they are a wonderful double act! Definately healing for the new order of life on this planet and I would not hesitate in highly recommending Rachel.

– Sue (a nurse) from Hertfordshire.