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Past life healing sessions

Posted on: April 20th, 2012 by Rachel Goodwin

Past life regression

As a hypnotherapist, I trained in past life regression. Experiencing going back to past lives myself was really interesting, as I could feel when I was regressed to a past life that I was a different person, with different views on life, and different character traits. But what really interested me in working with other people was the potential for healing and healing this life that we’re living in right here and now.

Past life healing

Over the years, as I worked with more of my own and other people’s energy blockages, I found that some of them were linked to past lives, and it was possible to feel what kind of past life events and resulting beliefs were causing the energy blockages. As I worked more and more with my own past lives, I found I could access them just by going into a feeling, or a belief and asking where it had come from. In this way, a whole story would reveal itself to me. I was very interested in working with past lives, and studied many different types of healing techniques and in regressions, I would use the ones that seemed the best fit. When I learnt how to do past life healings with people (and myself) I changed tactics, and learnt to ask spirit what the best way to heal would be, and a healing technique or piece of healing would be given to me.

From 2 hour sessions to one hour

This took my session time down from a two hour session for a past life regression (and which needs to be done in person) to a one hour session, which is usually done by phone/ skype.

This is because in the regression session, clients have to be able to cross the bridge themselves to their past lives, and some people are very good at accessing these kind of altered states of awareness, but not all of us are.

In the past life healing sessions, you tell me about the issue, and from this I can link in. As I psychically access the past life energy that needs healing, we go straight to the cause of the problem, which saves a great deal of time. Once I have made this link, people can access what they need to know much more easily, as I have created the bridge for them. Then I work with my spiritual guides to apply the healing salves that’s needed.

Sometimes, detailed information is needed about the past life (or lives, as often, these sticky and hard work to overcome patterns have been a theme through a number of lives) but often it is the general outline that is more important, and understanding what the issue has been. You get to see where & what your spiritual growth & learning has been. Often, finding the gifts in the situation, reframes the whole energy pattern that’s been causing the block, and it shifts in one move. Or sometimes, a number of weeks of affirmations, journalling, or various healing and self-care practices are needed to completely heal the past life, but again, spirit gives advice that is needed for each person.


For many 2012 is a time when the last piece of the puzzle is dropping into place, and everything transforms. For me this year, I have had a dazzling amount of past lives come up (after not having done any serious work on any for about 5 years now.) Each one has come up and presented itself as very heavy & difficult energies, totally surprising me, as I thought I’d done the work needed. But after working with them one by one as they have come up, I have found that spirit has guided me to re-write and re-frame each one, very easily & effortlessly into something that’s not even a tragedy anymore, (although you might see it as such in human terms) but into something that has revealed its spiritual gift, & ¬†shown a beauty and grace that can only come from the Divine.

My enthusiasm for past life work has been born again & I have been enjoying doing past life healing sessions, helping people move forward in their lives, and clear that old clutter away – actually watching it become something new, shining and bright!!

If you would like to arrange a past life healing session with me, please email me at for available dates.

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