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Sarah channeling 31st July 2013, ‘how do you feel?/ coming home to yourSelf’

Posted on: July 31st, 2013 by Rachel Goodwin

Channelling 31/07/2013

Welcome all, I am Sarah. Welcome, welcome, welcome.

So much of what happens in your day, is designed by what has come before with your emotional feeling state.

How you create, your next movement/ action, the way you make your next decision; all of these things are coloured and shaped by your feeling state.

You may have heard that when you are in a state of conscious union with our higher self, then you will be in a state of natural happiness. But if you havn’t yet reached that ideal, what then?

It is important to remember that your natural state is happiness, and that this is the Divine’s wish for you – God wants you to be happy! This is not to say that God wants you get a new car (or not!!) Happiness is not dependent on the outer things in your life, but is an inner state of consciousness.

And remembering this, can make it seem a much more achievable goal, well, something less that needs to be achieved, and more something that you need to align yourself with. After all, if God wants you to be happy, who are you to argue with it!! It is more a case of getting yourself out of the way!!

Until the time then, when you have achieved a natural state of happiness, you can do the following.

  • Call on me Sarah, to be by your side, (and if you wish, chant to me and ask for blessings
  • Feel  yourself in your own body, notice how it’s feeling in there!
  • Notice what your own feeling state is, are you happy, sad, tired, bored, uncertain, anxious?
  • Write it down
  • Let yourself feel into fully, allowing it to be there
  • See if it has anything it wants to tell you (ask the feeling/ is there anything you want to tell me?)*
  • See if there is anything it needs!! (small or large!)*

*when you do this, ask yourself 3 times, ie ‘is there anything you want to tell me’, or ‘what do you need’, and then go quiet inside and notice what comes to you.

Communicating with our inner feeling state in this way allows us to bring all the little bits of ourselves together. When we create an integrated whole, we become more like God, which creates a state of Grace. Many of you have been taught to ignore your inner feeling states, and yet they have much wisdom to share with you. Also many activities that you keep yourself busy with are unconsciously designed to keep you from directly experiencing your feeling states, or you may feel them vicariously through activities such as watching a sad movie or listening to music. Much simpler (& quicker) then to access them yourself, and in so doing find out what it is/ if anything you need. It may be that you need to be more patient with yourself, you might need to tell yourself that everything is OK or not to worry, or that you need to go and make yourself some nurturing and warming food, or that you need some company, or whatever it is. Often your day is full of what needs doing, which often becomes what ‘should’ be done. Your inner feeling state will direct you back to where you need to be/ back home with yourSelf. When you connect to yourSelf through your feeling state, you are building a bridge which can serve as a connexion to your spiritual Self as well. It also gives you an opportunity to make an act of caring for yourself, so that the love you have for yourself can grow.

I am Sarah, and I am here to tell you, that the way home to yourSelf can be very simple. Some of you long for simplicity, & a way of being that will take you back home.

When you have connected to your inner feeling states in this way, and allowed it to be, and if needed/ taken an act of caring towards yourself, by taking an outward action, or by adjusting an inner attitude – then you will find that you are coming from a much more centred place of being. From this place, your day can flow much better. Inspirations can be received more readily. And there is space to breathe!!

I am Sarah, and by calling on me, my energy will so much more easily synthesize what is within you, so that your lower and higher selves come together and act in flawless union. This is my gift to humanity, this is my work, to teach through inspiration & through guidance. What is simple is not necessarily easy, but this is a wonderful path to follow and very rewarding, and I would encourage you to keep taking steps forward upon it.

Believe in yourSelves, and believe in me. Even on the days when you don’t believe in me, call on me anyway, I’ll still be there, and what do you have to lose?!!

I am Sarah, and I tell you that all is well, all is well, all is well. This is such a profound divine truth and not just words said needlessly over and over again. In them is contained blessings of energy so that you may carry on discovering the inner mystery of the meaning for your own self.

I am Sarah. May blessings go with you. Blessed Be.

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© Rachel Goodwin 2013

Rachel Goodwin is a channel & healer working with the ascended master Sarah, daughter of the Magdalene & Master Jesus.

Sarah is an ascended master guide for the Age of Aquarius and is working with the Earth and humanity to assist us in our process of ascension, and in manifesting our Higher Selves here on earth.

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