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Sarah channeling Being truthful

Posted on: April 4th, 2015 by Rachel Goodwin


Welcome all I am Sarah.

It is time for me again to speak my words out into the world. Time for me to share the wisdom which is needed now. There comes a time in one’s life where a decision needs to be made. Shall I move forward into this new world, or shall I stay the same? Moving forward requires a trust and faith, because much of your old thinking has to be given away – it no longer serves you, and yet it is comfortable and familiar and maybe even often unconscious. How do you notice something that has always been there? And yet I tell you that these things are growing more and more uncomfortable inside you. Those things that have seemingly served you such as being nice to those who you do not like, and saying the right thing at the right time so that everyone thinks ‘what a nice person you are’. These things will no longer be your friend but will turn out to be one of those friends who you thought was ‘on your side’ but then turned out to have been talking about you behind your back all the time!! Your truth is more important now than ever before. And I don’t mean to say that you should go around telling everybody the cold hard truth as it appears to you, but I do mean that in all of your words, integrity, honesty and truthfulness should be carefully weighed and measured. In equal importance is kindness and compassion. It serves no one to say cruel and unkind things to those are vulnerable. But to say you want to do a thing, when you do not want to do a thing. This serves no one. To say you like something when you don’t like something. This serves no-one. It is time to have a good hard look at your own habits and behaviours and the motivations behind them. Do you say things for an easy life to your friends and family. Do you go along with things, even though it’s not what you want to do? Each time you do this, the message you are giving to your inner self is, ‘you are not important, I don’t consider you important enough to express what you truly feel’. It may seem a bit scary to consider practicing being more truthful, and it may be that as a child you learnt that it kept you ‘safe’ to be very politic in everything you said. If you feel like that, I would encourage you to take small baby steps. Start small. Say or do something that is more honest than you would usually be, but isn’t outrageously different from your normal comfort zone. See how that goes. Reflect afterwards how it made you feel to do such a thing and how you feel the situation went. From this place you can try a little further out into the reaches of your comfort zone, and so on and so on, taking it at the pace and in the way that is right for you.

But it is a serious thing to do this. A serious spiritual practice. Much can be gained by living more truthfully, always pairing that truthfulness with equal compassion and kindness. I am not saying that you should treat anyone else less than yourself, or that you should act in a way that puts your needs above anothers. However, it is your responsibility to feel what your needs are and to know what your truth is, and many of you have been brought up by your families and the culture around you, to not feel these things, and if you do, then to deny them. The divine lives within you, and one of the ways of communicating the divine will is through your felt needs and desires. It is your soul that knows what you really feel and think and what you should do, and this best be reached through a journey of self-discovery through internal truthfulness and honesty. Externalising it into the outside world is than a journey of expressing your divinity. Once thought of in this way, it seems to make perfect sense to accompany that journey with as many of the other divine gifts as possible, kindness, patience, joy, strength and so on.

I am Sarah, and I tell you that you strongest person you can be is to be the person that you truly are, and to learn how to communicate this to others honestly and fearlessly is a sacred task which will allow you to stand firmly in your power.

I am Sarah, and my blessings are upon you, blessed be, blessed be, blessed be, Amen.

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