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Sarah oracle cards

Posted on: February 6th, 2018 by Rachel Goodwin

Sarah can give us another insight into what is happening/ what we want to happen in our lives. Here are some examples from a mini-reading I did several weeks ago with the new Sarah oracle cards that I’m working with. The example includes the teaching on each card, and then a message which I have channeled to go with the card info.

“Two cards came out for you, ‘Sarah – a guide for the Age of Aquarius’, and ‘ascension through daily life’.

The first card, ‘Sarah – a guide for the Age of Aquarius’, tells us about Sarah’s work heralding in the new age. She stands by our side, guiding us, empowering us and mentoring us in our evolutionary process. As we enter the new age, there is no ‘plan’ anymore, except the one that each of us carry inside us, the inner blueprint held within our soul energy. We are the plan! As we each learn how to act on those inner impulses, so we create the age of aquarius. So it is up to us, how much of the plan gets implemented!! We are in charge of our own destiny and what happens on the earth. In this way, we have to each figure out ‘how, when and where’ we are going to manifest this divine plan through our daily lives….. Each one of us is a small filament in the net of light, with the ascended masters, angels, gods and goddesses, all supporting us in our work.

The second card, ‘ascension through daily life’, speaks of one of Sarah’s principle teachings, which is that everything that we need to know or understand in order to develop and move forward on our spiritual path, can be seen by observing and being aware of our daily life, both inside and outside of ourselves, (ie, our inner life, thoughts, dreams, emotions, and then our outer life, ie the conditions around us, and the day to day happenings of what our daily life consists of each day), and then applying spiritual teachings to what we have observed.

‘Welcome, I am Sarah. I would speak to you this day of the value of each day of your life. Perhaps you feel sometimes that a day is worthless, and has no value, because nothing of particular interest is happening, or because of the unpleasantness of the feelings that you have inside, but I would like to say to you that this is not true, in fact the opposite. On those days, those things are telling you the most information, that you can use to your best advantage. Of course, it is wonderful to have lovely days, with exciting things happening, and it is all very enjoyable, but is that day teaching you how to develop spiritually, or where you need to pay attention? No. In fact on those more difficult and unwanted days, you could perhaps take an attitude of active listening, ‘what is it about today that I really don’t like’, and take a note of the underlying emotions or beliefs or patterns. Of course, there are some days when you don’t have the inner resources to do one more thing, other than get through that day, but even those days are useful, because then what is important for you to do, is to ask for help – because, you may not have the resources that day, but God has them aplenty, and so you should ask the divine, or me, or the angels or whoever to lend you a helping hand! Ask whoever you feel like, that is not important, simply that you ask!!

What is inside you, especially the things that feel worthless and useless and you wish would just go away – that is where the gold is hidden, that is what will lead you to your part of the divine’s plan and in manifesting it, and to what your soul, which is of course you, is trying to get you to pay attention to.

Paying attention to the small details in this way, asking yourself, ‘why is this so crap for me?!!’, ‘why do I feel like this?’, ‘why do I think this particular thing is happening in my life, what does it mean?.’ Stopping for a moment, and asking these things – these are where you find the road to ascension, or rather integration, which then brings about an ascension of the lower vibrations and a grounding of the higher vibrations, so that all comes into connection, and then that divine fullness, which is spoken about can be felt. Maybe this is a state of being, that can be experienced in moments at the beginning, rather than something which becomes attained, and then as you become more and more practiced, more and more integrated, so it can be something which can be attained as a constant practice.

If you can do these things, and ask for help in the resolution/ healing of these things, so can I, and the other spiritual beings who support you, teach you what you need to know, and then you can go on and teach others.

I am Sarah, and these are the words which I wish to speak to you today, blessed be, blessed be, blessed be, amen.’


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