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Sarah skype teleconferencing workshop “Attuning to Sarah’s flame” Sunday, 7th October, 2012.

Posted on: September 30th, 2012 by Rachel Goodwin
Sarah skype teleconferencing workshop

“Attuning to Sarah’s flame”
Sunday, 7th October, 2012.

18:00 hrs – 19.30 hrs (UK time)
10:00 a.m – 11.30a.m (Pacific standard time)
17:00 hrs – 18:30hrs (GMT/ UTC)

This workshop will:

  • wrap you in Sarah’s embrace
  • teach you about Sarah and why she has come to work with us at this time
  • clear & cleanse your energy body in preparation of receiving the flame
  • attune you to Sarah’s flame/ for your own healing and others
  • give you a guided healing meditation for Sarah’s flame for you to use

£25/ $45
Concessions are available on a sliding scale according to income

This workshop will also be available for you to playback after the event.  

Last weekend we had a wonderful workshop here in the UK working with Sarah’s energies, and particularly with the healing aspect of Sarah’s flame. A number of you who can’t be here physically in Surrey due to distance, have contacted me recently asking if me/ Sarah can do an online event for you to join in, so you can experience these energies too. And after the last workshop, Sarah has asked me to share this healing aspect of her flame & attune others distantly. It’s a beautiful and gentle energy,  I’m honoured to offer it to you, & genuinely wish to share it with as many of you as I can; so I/we have organised this event so that you can share in this beautiful energy too. 

If you have skype, then you can join in the teleconference live next week. Numbers are limited up to 25 for the teleconference, so please book now to save your place. But if you can’t join us live, you can receive the attunement later as I will record the workshop, and make it available for online playback/ download.   


Sarah’s flame holds us in oneness, & has many many qualities. At this time in our evolution, she is offering it forth for our healing, and has said that we are to particularly use it for healing in the physical; for ourselves, others & the land & everything within physical manifestation. Blessed Be.  


To book/ order the download, please email me at 

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