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Sarah Speaks..

Posted on: April 16th, 2013 by Rachel Goodwin

I’m often contacted by people who have had a Sarah experience/ feel a connection to her/ or have had information come to them one way or the other that they are Sarah. Whilst this can be a wonderful thing in itself and very uplifting, as a pragmatist, I believe that there is a greater purpose behind these events and more to these Sarah experiences than just the experience itself.

Sarah speaks,

“Each of you has work to do; you are the hands and feet of the Divine here on the Earth. When you have reached the point of being able to connect with my energy, this is a sure sign that you are ready to move on with your work here on the earth. This is the way of the heart, and it is here that you can tap into your next step. What is your deepest hearts desires. What do you long for. What do you wish was different here on the earth. These are the things for you to do. God’s perfect plan is built upon a rock, and it is always those things which we long for which are our remit/ our job to do while we are here. So if you long for cleaner seas/ tune into your heart and ask, ‘what is there for me to do’. Whatever comes will be something which is within your skill set, your range of talents. It may be something which you have struggled to honour, something which in some way seems too small, or too silly to do or be. Or it may be something which seems too big for you, too much of a stretch. We all have our own battles to face and deal with.

Tune into your heart. Listen and respond and honour.

Often Sarah’s words speak of simple things. She speaks to us of what we need to do, how to find what we need, ways of being – all in very simple terms. And yet these are often the things that we find most difficult.

Calling on Sarah’s energies when we do these things then, can make it alot easier, as she lends us her assistance then, and what previously seemed hard or unobtainable now flows and becomes clear.

Chanting is a great way to do this. One chant to Sarah calls upon her :

‘Om and salutations to Sara, the three fold flame, bestow upon us the highest blessings.’
(Om Shree Sah-ra-yei Na-rah-yan-nah Na-moh-stoo-tey)

When we call upon Sarah to give us her blessings, we are asking for the grace of God, so that in each situation, the most divine possibilities may prevail. This may not always turn out as we expect, but this chant will draw towards us (or draw us towards them) the people, places and situations that are for our highest good.

If we chant this chant to Sarah, for the purpose of revealing to us our purpose/ or helping us rediscover our deepest hearts desires then the chant will draw towards us the information that we need (and the people/ places/ situations and so on). So while you’re doing the practice of the chant, notice throughout your day what people say to you, ideas & inspirations that spontaneously come into your head, be aware of what you see and what happens to you. Sarah will speak to you in inspiration or through the world around you.

If you chant this weekly (or several times a week, or even daily), you will bring yourself into alignment of Sarah’s energies and always being in a state of receiving blessings.

When you chant, listen & concentrate upon the sounds of the words that you are chanting. This helps keep you present, and tunes you into the vibration of the chant more strongly. If you find your mind wanders (as in meditating) bring it back, and concentrate upon the chant again.

It can make it easier to have something to chant along to and you can find an audio link which I made at:




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