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Sarah & the earth

Posted on: July 13th, 2013 by Rachel Goodwin


I live on a (heavily populated & trafficated) large hill in Surrey. But at the top of the hill is a beautiful vista, and Redhill common (which consists mainly of ancient woods) covers about half of what isn’t heavily built on by roads & houses. There are also springs that appear and disappear at different times. In the last year, my awareness of the consciousness of the hill has grown & we have started to get to know each other. Last week, I stood in a circle of trees that grow on the top of the hill, & as I stood in it, with my awareness down in the centre (heart) of the hill, I felt prompted to put Sarah’s symbol there. (I checked this guidance to make sure). I placed the symbol there and automatically appeared Jesus & Mary Magdalene on either side of the symbol anchoring it in. They sometimes appear when I’m working with Sarah’s energy, as they are what has ‘come before’; it’s the work that has been done through them that has brought us (humanity) to this point in our evolution. Also they can act as a bridge to Sarah’s energy.  Underneath the symbol & below J & MM was Sarah. I felt I wanted to put Sarah above it (the symbol) as I didn’t understand her being below – after all, she is what has ‘come out of’ J & MM, energetically speaking! I see her as the future. (and that felt to me as if it should be above the symbol) But as I looked at them as they were in this hill scenario, I could see that I’ve got things turned around in my head. We are returning to our original perfection. Sarah seems new to us (& the archetypal energy she represents)  because in this density of physical matter, we havn’t encountered her unified force before. But she represents the archetypal force that existed before polarity & is an older & more primeval and ancient force going back closer to our original self (god/goddess/the divine) who, in it’s transcendent state is undivided and seamlessly one.


Anyway the symbol went in. This is the first time that I’ve been guided to place it within a stone being. I’ve been asked to place Sarah’s flame, once at the Tor and at Mgarr (a temple in Malta). The flame carries the pure energy of the archetypal force that Sarah represents. But the symbol is transformation and alchemical. The symbol is Sarah acting upon the world. I think it isn’t something to be used too often at present, as it takes a certain amount of preparation for places to be ready. If you’re interested in working more with Sarah’s symbol, you can contact me at Currently, you can receive the symbol either as an A4 laminated print or as a mobile. (£4.99 + P&P)  All of the symbols have been blessed and activated by myself, and radiate out Sarah’s light. You can also find more ways to work with the symbol below,

blessings, Rachel.


DSC00740Working with Sarah’s symbol

  • Put yourself in the (visualise 3D*) symbol before doing any healing/ therapeutic exercise
  • Use it to connect to Sarah’s energy before seeking her guidance
  • Put it into places (where you’re guided to/ always check with your intuition), that need to be ‘upgraded’ (in alignment with age of aquarius/ new earth grid)
  • You can use it with other people, but only do so when you get clear guidance/ intuition, and preferably with their conscious consent.**
  • Put the symbol into water & see Sarah blessing it with her energy. You can use it to bless anything, yourself, other people, pets, places, plants, crystals & so on.


*the way that I do this is to imagine the circle around me, with the triangle becoming a cone that sits inside the circle, with the flame at the top. The symbol then becomes a container/ you are contained within Sarah’s embrace.

**Sarah’s symbol carries her energy of integration, integrating all that we are, dark/ light, male/ female, conscious/ unconscious. This isn’t the path for everyone, and it’s a path of catalytic transformation that Sarah will draw you towards, so if someone doesn’t have a feeling/ intuition to work with Sarah, it might not be for them.

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