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Sarah’s blessing for oneness

Posted on: February 25th, 2015 by Rachel Goodwin
You can see the blessing at
pnBSP_Colorful_Mandala_1677395_000In the blessing, Sarah talks about the state of consciousness – ‘oneness’ that humanity is entering into. She holds the energy of integration and this is part of the blessing; as we receive her energy (that is being channeled out through the blessing) she helps us energetically shift closer and closer towards this oneness. And what does that oneness mean? It means we come into a state of acceptance, of peace within ourselves, that all the parts of us that are ‘split off’ are returned to their original state of wholeness, and that our ‘higher’ and ‘lower’ selves are also gently teased closer and closer towards each other, knitting them more tightly together. How does she do this? “in Her there is no separation” Sarah IS this energy of oneness, so in her presence our energy bodies start in sympathetic vibration to resonate along with hers.

Also at the end of the video, we are given a card for the energy of abundance. This is a recurrent & well known theme for many. And yet it is a wonderful practice to keep on having the intent of truly embodying this energy – not just for each of us personally, but for the benefit of all beings. In a world of abundance consciousness, the problems we currently face globally would dissolve. We HAVE the solutions already. What is needed is a shift in our consciousness and we can start that right now with ourselves…

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