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Sarah’s flame

Posted on: September 12th, 2012 by Rachel Goodwin

Sarah recently gave me a channeling about the flame which she carries (seen in the picture of her on

Many lightworkers have worked with the Christ consciousness & the Magdalene flame.

These flames transcend Christianity, and are common to all humankind.

Now for the Age of Aquarius, comes a new ascended master, their daughter Sarah, and in her hand she holds forth the threefoldflame (*also see the practice of threefoldflame below)

This flame holds/is the power of the Christlight which she represents.

The time of this flames coming is ‘Ika pono mea’, right time, right place, right being, and is just entering into the consciousness of humanity now.

The flame acts upon us, to catalyse our evolutionary process, and assist us in moving forward into the Age of Aquarius.

Sarah represents the Divine Masculine & the Divine Feminine come together in oneness; in her there is no separation, and so it shall be with us. (read more at

Sarah speaks, ‘Open your hearts and breathe me in, I am there, already, lying dormant, waiting to be awakened. My energy can be seen as the bright green of nature, the colour of spring, new leaves growing on the branches, abundant growth. My father, performed many miracles. I am here to light up your hearts so you can perform those miracles yourself. Remember who you are!’

Sarah is a bridge to the Christ Consciousness; she can practically assist us in reaching a clear connexion to our Divine Spark, so no longer is it a theoretical knowing that we have, but an actual knowing.

When we clear the path to our own Divinity, we know what we are, and are able to access all that we are.

This is humanity’s destiny, our destiny.

And this is your destiny!

Sarah’s flame service held at St. Michaels, Surrey on the 09/09/12 – Audio Link £5.99 UK/ $10 US

The energies coming through in this service are exceptionally powerful, and will work on you to help you receive the flame at the level that is appropriate for you. Sarah’s flame is starting to descend here in earnest upon the earth plane now, and those of us who are called to work with this energy are hearing the call to take it into our hearts. It is a very new energy, and in this service, through the meditations and chanting, we are carefully prepared to work with the flame.

Listen to this one hour service during which

  • You’ll be given more information about Sarah’s flame, why it’s here & what it does.
  • Rachel will lead you on a guided meditation with Sarah & her ministry of angels to show you what the Age of Aquarius means for humanity, the earth, and for yourself
  • you’ll hear & experience the practice of the three fold flame (written out below) where we call on all that has been before, (Jesus & the Magdalene)  providing a foundation for the work which is to come & point ourselves firmly towards the future! (Sarah).
  • you will receive an empowerment which clears away blockages & debris held around the sacred lotus of the heart (which is where our divine spark is held)
  • you’ll be given the practice of Sarah’s flame, to use for your own development & bring you into the new energies of evolution being activated by the Christ Sarah.
  • you’ll hear a channeled message from Sarah.

To receive the audio link, email Rachel at

*The Practice of the Threefold Flame

You can use this practice to sit within the energy of the Christ Jesus, the Christ Magdalene & the Christ Sarah, by simply using the mantras given below – so you can be centred within their energy for your own healing/ contemplation and so on.)

Close your eyes and allow your mind and heart to become calm.

Feel yourself breathing in calm, and breathing out any tension, do this until you feel ‘centred’.

*if you find it helpful, as you do this exercise, you can imagine a triangle forming as you perform the mantras, with the Christ energy behind you and to your left, the Magdalene energy behind you and to your right, and Lady Sarah’s energy at the apex of the triangle, with you standing on the apex or slightly behind it, as you feel comfortable.

First we’ll strengthen the solar plexus chakra using the Christ mantra.

This chakra helps us to be confident, strong & powerful within our individual personality through which our soul is expressing itself in the world. It has the will & strength to motivate us to do & say what we need to say to be our true self here on earth, & holds our yang, masculine solar energy.

Chant Christ mantra X3, (or more)



(Om Yea-soo Kris-teye-yah Pah-rahm-aht-mah-neh Poo-roo-shah Ah-vah-tahr-eye-yah


(from ‘Healing Mantras’, Thomas Ashley-Farrand)

Now we focus on our heart centres & the infinite love within. Go to the centre, deep inside in your heart chakra, find the love, the fluidity, the ebb & flow of the tides of love, ceaseless, eternal, infinite. Here is all the love we need to forgive ALL that needs to be forgiven.

Feel the love in your heart centre, more and more powerful with each breath.

Chant Magdalene mantra X3, (or more)


(Om Mah-tah, Om Mah-Tah Magdalena, Mah-tah Jah-gah-dahm-bah)

Now we call on the energies of Lady Sarah, who blend’s the Magdalene & Christ energies, but is also something more. Her energy is the energy of dynamic action, MANIFESTING these divine energies onto the physical, ‘bringing heaven to earth’.

Chant X3


(Om Shree Sah-ra-yei Na-rah-yan-nee Na-moh-stoo-the)

Feel yourself taking in Sarah’s energy, as you stand with her at the tip of the arrowhead, a pioneer into the New Age of Aquarius. Sarah’s energy acts upon you, so you can be more of who you truly are, yourSelf, and can uplift you during times of difficulty & struggle – assisting you in finding the 3rd way/ not the light/ not the dark/ but both combined in oneness, and creating new ways of being that are in vibration with the Age of Aquarius.


When practicing this, I see the Christ energy as yellow, the Magdalene energy as pink, and Lady Sarah’s energy as a bright green.

The chant to the Magdalene, is calling on her in her aspect of being Sarah’s mother, and also as a mother to the world, as she has worked to birth the Magdalene flame into humanity.

Lady Sarah’s energy is at the same time, her own individual energy, (which I see as green), and also the energy she has received from her parents, the Christ and the Magdalene. These three energies exist simultaneously as individual layers of light, (yellow, green and pink) but are also one. This is Sarah’s energy as the threefold flame. In this alchemy of becoming one, Sarah’s flame has become something completely different than what was before.

Sarah is the catalyst that alchemizes the energies and brings them into manifestation onto the earth plane. She ‘makes it so’!

You are free to copy, distribute and display & perform the material presented here, as long as you give the author credit, & do not alter the work in any way without permission from the copyright holder

 © Rachel Goodwin 2012

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