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The Centre of YourSelves

(Lady Sarah – May 2007)

Welcome all. I am the ascended Lady Master Sarah. Today I have come to speak to you of the physical shells of which you inhabit and their entry way into the world. Many of the worlds most spiritual religions have been dedicated to teaching how to cast off the body so as to liberate the spirit ‘trapped’ inside, to allow the soul to reside within ‘nirvana’, the higher spiritual dimensions. Today I wish to speak to you of how the higher self can inhabit your physical body and become more nearly the way in which through you can be in contact with nirvana, in fact of all of creation, all of the time. These are the mysteries I have come to teach.

Your body is your physical tool here on this earth, it is how you will effect change here on the physical planes. The ascended masters, the angels and archangels, all can assist and help from the realms within which we exist; we can gently persuade and create optimum conditions from within which the best possible chances for change and transformation can occur. But it is YOU that has the power to create the New Earth here in physical manifestation, and in so many more ways than you know.

At the point where heaven meets earth in your bodies, between the heart and solar plexus, so am I. I have come to reawaken that which lies dormant within yourselves, already my light, my love dances secretly across the earth, skipping and laughing that the miracles of life which are yourselves are beginning the long thaw to your spiritual spring. And in my secret dance, I would whisper stories of hidden chakras, lying nestling under the snow, simply waiting for all to melt, so it can reveal its magnificence. Humanity…….creation is your birthright, and within you, you have the power to create, not just your own lives, but universe’s aswell. At the point where heaven meets earth in your bodies, so I am. Here is the entry point to your souls, your higher Selves. Not high above you in some far away dimension, but here, right at the centre of yourselves. Here is all things, and no-thing, manifest and unmanifest creation. From here will New Humanity start to live, here at the centre of themSelves, at the centre of all things.

To assist you in your lives, you can call on me, my light, my love, by bringing your attention to me, to the balance point in between your heart centre and your solar plexus. Breathe into this space, feel your awareness. BE here. Breathe into this space whenever ‘mind’ has taken over, and you need to re-connect with yourSelves.

Chant and call on me,
(Om Shree Sah-ra-yei Na-rah-yan-nee Na-moh-stoo-the)
Om and salutations to Sara, the three fold flame, bestow upon us the highest blessings

Say to yourself, as you breathe into yourSelf, ‘I am here, I am at the centre of myself, I am in the moment, in the Now, at the centre of all things, I am here.’

You are upon your mission to become more of who you are, a nara-narayani, your higher self here in full manifestation upon the earth. The most powerful truths are often the most simple, and yet can be the most complicated to explain, for now let it suffice to say, that if you wish to live more from your divine self, using the precious resource of your physical body, then this simple breathing exercise can help you achieve this goal, through out your daily life.

Blessings be upon you all, beauteous web of light spread across the earth. Blessed are you that these secrets are being revealed to you now, use them well, embrace them into your own lives, contemplate upon the profound truths which are being given to you now. Do not search for cleverness and complicated sophistications; these are not truths to be understood by your minds, but wisdoms which can only be felt in the truth of your hearts. Allow yourselves to practice being at the centre of yourSelves, and watch the magickal mysteries of your lives unfold before you. And remember, at the centre of yourSelves, there you will find me.

Blessings, Blessings, Blessings, Namaste my beautiful ones, Namaste.
All is well.

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