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The Christ Sarah is the key

Posted on: January 24th, 2014 by Rachel Goodwin

I read this channeling from 2008 again recently about Sarah’s role in our evolution – very interesting!!


Channelling 19/08/08

Welcome I am the Presence of Christ.

I am that which resides in your soul, waiting to be awakened from my sleep, waiting for the call to arms that indicates a soul’s readiness to be reunited with their true nature.

For in truth, my energy is neither male nor female, though the Christ Jesus may be understood in this way in conjunction with the mystery of the Magdalene.

The truth of the energy of the Christ, is that this is the part of humanity that stayed behind in the loftier places when the rest of the matrix of humanity descended down further into matter.

I am your divinity made manifest on earth, but still my energy is redolent more of heaven than of earth, and so is a little ‘distant’ for many to connect.

In this age, where Christianity has brought so much history with it, Christianity bears many wounds and stigmas that belong to a past time, a past age.

And so it is fitting that now I pass my cross to Sarah. Sarah, the Christ Child, Sarah the Great One; Sarah who carried within her the seeds of the New Humanity and lived on earth, hidden, unknown, but all the same, there, real, and waiting for those to find her that are ready to hear the message of Christ lives on through us all.

As my presence was once embodied on the earth, through the Christ Jesus, I was able through the resurrection and the ascension of Christ Jesus, to leave the imprint there, of what had once been separated, now co-joined once again. The Ascended body of Christ Jesus, made manifest upon the earth, leaving the imprint, the blueprint, in the earth matrix, of heaven made manifest upon the earth, the divine blueprint, the original blueprint of perfection. Showing you what is to come, what will be, showing you your true potential as God intended you should be made manifest here on the earth.

A circuitous route has been taken granted, but yet, through the glory of heaven all will be well, and man will shine upon the earth, with his glorious body of ascension, his physical body as God intended it to be, humanity’s original blueprint of perfection, made manifest here on earth.

And so you see, that you are the miracles, the human being, once again ascending to their destiny of being the beings they were meant to be, with their incorruptible body of light, and the denser matter laid behind, a phase in the evolution now of humanity’s soul.

But Sarah lived the life here. She received the blueprint of the original blueprint of perfection for the physical body direct from her father, held as she was, a child still, within the auric energy of her parent, Christ Jesus. She walked with it in her energy field, here on the earth, she held the patterns static and safe in her energy body, carried in the outer edges of her auric field, until the time when humanity was ready to receive the key for these mysteries, these potentials to be unlocked.

Sarah is the key, she is the way to ascension. She holds the energy of Christ, but here, closer to the earth. The presence of Christ as it was manifested through the Christ Jesus, was the first time it had ever been on the earth, and had previously only existed in heaven. Sarah carries that energy as it is since it has been brought to earth, since it has been used to alchemise the physical body, as her father did in his great achievement of the resurrection, she took this on, this great achievement, and carried it for her lifetime which she lived in France and other places, and so is the energy of the resurrected body, which is all our destinies, imprinted on the earth, in the earth matrix, into the very rocks and stones where Sarah lived, and as Sarah, and Christ too, were part of humanity, so is the blueprint for the ascended physical body of perfection, part of the matrix of humanity, and is there available to us all.

Of course, I do not mean to say that each member of humanity must know Sarah to become ascended, Divine Truths are Divine Truths, and there are many different paths to opening up to our Divinity.

What I mean to say is that the Christ Jesus was the instrument of the Divine’s will in manifesting the Christ Light here on earth, and each member of humanity has now the Christ potential within them, whether they ‘believe in’ Christ or not.

And in the same way, Sarah is the instrument of the Divine’s will in taking humanity forward so that they may unlock this Christ potential within themselves, carrying on her father’s legacy.

In this I do not mean to deny the Magdalene by omitting her name, more rather, that in this sense she is the hidden part of the Christ, for the Christ presence fully manifested through the Christ Jesus Magdalene, who are in truth one being and that this is held within the archetype of the Christ Sarah.

And so are you all Christed beings, Christ is within you all, and this is coming to pass for more and more of you that you are remembering, on an energetic level, you are awakening the Christ force within you, and so it is within the matrix of humanity that a beautiful light is arising, and slowly but surely this gentle glow is shining out to all those around.

As Christ is within you, so my presence, the presence of the Christ will softly manifest more and more around you, drifting down softly from the heavens, like gentle clouds and cloaks of the presence and light of Christ.

Sarah will continue to guide you, if you hear her call, calling you onwards, with courage, bravery and determination, calling your earthly part to arms, to win the most glorious prize of your GodSelves made manifest here on earth.

Blessings upon you all, may your lights shine bright in the darkness, and draw you all together to create a light so bright that there may be none who no longer see.

I breathe my gentle breath of light upon your Christ presences, so that you may receive strength and succour to continue your paths of light.

Blessed be.


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© Rachel Goodwin 2008

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