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The practice of the 3foldflame

Posted on: September 27th, 2012 by Rachel Goodwin

The practice of the threefold flame given here, calls on the combined power of the Master Jesus, the Magdalene, and their daughter Sarah, & they can help you exponentially, beyond your wildest expectations!!

You can also use the practice specifically for working with forgiveness, as it works really beautifully for that, but you can use it simply for connecting with their energy; being held in that space of the Christlight, for meditating within and for your own spiritual development.

If you use it for forgiveness, then you don’t have to know how to forgive, but you can know that if you use this practice of calling on this holy trinity, they will overlight your process and help you move through the steps you need to – in order to bring about all the forgiveness & release that you need. Just be ready to feel into and sense what it is they have to give you, and in the days after you do the practice, look for messages by listening closely to what people say to you, or what you see on television and around you in your everyday life – the Divine communicates with us via signs from everything we come into contact with in our everyday life.

How to do the practice of the threefoldflame

You can read through the practice and follow it step by step.I would suggest you call in the energies using the mantras given; using your own voice adds power and gives you a personal connexion to them.

I’ve also recorded an MP3 ‘coming into forgiveness’,

if you want to have something to follow which takes you through the steps of the practice, and you can also hear how the mantras are chanted.

I’ve been using this practice for 5 years now, and I can tell you that it’s helped me move through some very difficult times, when I’ve felt I was beyond help!

I hope that you too can experience the blessed peace and love that comes with this beautiful practice,

Bright Blessings!

Rachel Goodwin.

Forgiveness exercise -The Practice of the Threefold Flame

Close your eyes and allow your mind and heart to become calm.

Feel yourself breathing in calm, and breathing out any tension, do this until you feel ‘centred’.

(To use the practice simply as a way of invoking the energies, simply chant the mantras as given and imagine each of the Holy family coming in to be with you as you chant them in: read the highlighted notes at the bottom of the exercise, as they’re especially useful)

Ask yourself X3, ‘is there anything or anyone inside of me that needs forgiveness’

Leave a silent pause for something to arise. Accept whatever comes up first.

Holding this issue in your consciousness throughout, do the following.*


First we’ll strengthen the solar plexus chakra using the Christ mantra.

This chakra helps us to be confident, strong & powerful within our individual personality through which our soul is expressing itself in the world. It has the will & strength to motivate us to do & say what we need to say, & holds our yang, masculine solar energy.

Allow any anger, bitterness or resentment to flow now, it’s there, accept it, allow it to be.

Chant Christ mantra X3, (or more)



(Om Yea-soo Kris-teye-yah Pah-rahm-aht-mah-neh Poo-roo-shah Ah-vah-tahr-eye-yah


(from ‘Healing Mantras’, Thomas Ashley-Farrand)

Now we focus on our heart centres & the infinite love within. Go to the centre, deep inside in your heart chakra, find the love, the fluidity, the ebb & flow of the tides of love, ceaseless, eternal, infinite. Here is all the love we need to forgive ALL that needs to be forgiven.

Feel the love in your heart centre, more and more powerful with each breath.

Chant Magdalene mantra X3, (or more)



(Om Mah-tah, Om Mah-Tah Magdalena, Mah-tah Jah-gah-dahm-bah)

Now we call on the energies of Lady Sarah, who blend’s the Magdalene & Christ energies, but is also something more. Her energy is the energy of dynamic action, MANIFESTING these divine energies onto the physical, ‘bringing heaven to earth’.

Chant X3


(Om Shree Sah-ra-yei Na-rah-yan-nee Na-moh-stoo-the)

Now calling on Sarah’s energy, MAKE the dynamic act of forgiveness, for example you could say,

‘I forgive you, I forgive myself’ X9 (or more) to the issue and to yourself.

‘I unbind you from the fault, and so may I also be unbound by it’. Blessed be.


*if you find it helpful, you could imagine a triangle forming as you perform the mantras, with the Christ energy behind you and to your left, the Magdalene energy behind you and to your right, and Lady Sarah’s energy at the apex of the triangle, with you standing on the apex or slightly behind it, as you feel comfortable.



When practicing this, I see the Christ energy as yellow, the Magdalene energy as pink, and Lady Sarah’s energy as a bright green.

The chant to the Magdalene, is calling on her in her aspect of being Sarah’s mother, and also as a mother to the world, as she is working to birth the Magdalene flame into humanity.

Lady Sarah’s energy is at the same time, her own individual energy, (which I see as green), and also the energy she has received from her parents, the Christ and the Magdalene. These three energies exist simultaneously as individual layers of light, (yellow, green and pink) but are also one. This is Sarah’s energy as the threefold flame.

Sarah is the catalyst that alchemizes the energies and brings them into manifestation onto the earth plane. She ‘makes it so’!

When you are carrying out the exercise, just before you call on Lady Sarah, it can be powerful to feel the energy of the Christ, and the energy of the Magdalene, pouring into you from behind so that you feel yourself become the conduit of power.

When invoking Lady Sarah’s energy, you can imagine an intensely focused laser beam of light blazing fearlessly forward from the apex of the triangle. This beam is forging straight forward and lighting the path ahead, taking you into your highest potential. In this aspect Lady Sarah’s energy is symbolizing the new age of Aquarius, supported from behind by all those who have gone before, and taking us (humanity) to our new levels of vibration, to our ascension and evolution.

Notes for the forgiveness exercise

This exercise creates a fusion of the male and female qualities which are needed to bring about dynamic acts of forgiveness in difficult situations.

If you experience any difficulties in feeling the quality of love in your heart centre when calling on the Magdalene, you could try visualizing the pink Magdalene flame burning in your heart centre, and breathe deeply into the flame, so that the light burns brighter, as if you are fanning the flame. Call on the Magdalene to help you really experience the energy of love in your heart. Then repeat the chant as feels right. Even feeling the energy of love just slightly can be enough to complete the act of forgiveness, and of course you can keep repeating the exercise until you feel happy that the matter is resolved within yourself.

You are free to copy, distribute and display & perform the material presented here, as long as you give the author credit, & do not alter the work in any way without permission from the copyright holder.

 © Rachel Goodwin 2012

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